Monday, April 24

Compilation of some old IMU photos

Alrite already...As I mentioned I did take this photo under the influence of alcohol!!!and it is not as easy as you think trying to take photographs of your old photographs!!! I was doing this in the toilet some more since all it was the only place where the light was white and not yellow!!!!

But yeah there were more photographs lah but I'm seriusly too lazy to upload all...So I uploaded the ones with some of the pictures of doopy and ingky!!!

First pic is my darling over there cheating on me and hugging the KFC guy...right next to me some about going for old fart!!! 2nd pic is I think taken on someones bday whom I can't remember wats the name liao....but you can see my darling right at the back (WHY WHY WHY you didn't bother taking it with us??) 3rd pic was our first trip to genting together...was such a good trip I the happy times we had....and the last pic is just to benefit mr big headed ingky haha another of your photo...i think that is the only photo with you and me...and I'm quite sure is under hte influence of alcohol too!!!haha think it was taken on my farewell night.....ah well....If you guys have any more photos send to me ya!!! But anyways below are some of the group photos I have with me....though so so blur...I really think I should get a scanner men....haha but geez remembering those good old days make me miss it so so much..IMU was seriusly one of the best times of my life!! Those drunkard nights, yum cha sessions and the "study times" we had...:D and woo darling I found a nice pic of you and me..however ruined by the appeaance of another guy....which I remember who lah but totally can't remember his name...haha remember his name or not ah???


ingky said...

I looked so damn young!!

Nicole Tan said...

haha that is because you are a bloody old fart now..haha...thank god i still look the same..right???maybe fatter....(just a tinny little bit...hehe)