Thursday, April 6

First food pic!!! MY OWN ONE!!!haha

thought i would put up my first picture and obviously it has to be about food....made the sushi yesterday for dinner since brother had a friend over. was accompanied by soup and noodles lah but was too hungry so gobbled all of it before I actually remembered to take the photo..but hey atleast i got one right???

anyways today started out quite bad lah...late already to the lab...hehe woke up late...then in the car also got seriusly what the hell??not even my fault...I just told my mum to like turn off the radio since the topic they were talking about was like role playing in the bedroom!!!!like what the hell men??My brother is like behind listening to it!!!!and my mum just went on to claim i was in a bad shit men they were talking about fabio and helga and what have you...definately not a topic for a 10 year old men!!!urghhhhhhh


velverse said...

oh.. you mean.. those weren't taught while playing SIMS?

Nicole Tan said...

SIMS where got teach you how to role play??max also they teach you to go under the blanket and do it...:) the radio was teaching all sort of weird things men...helga the nurse..gross gross gross