Saturday, April 22

grrr.....why so many idiots around?!!!

actually come to think of it, it is the same old idiot all the time..the bitch sister of mine...urghhh so pissed!!!!!! in the middle of making my "tau foo fa" and realised the bitch bitch bitch took away all MY measuring utensils (actually more like took away all the stuff needed to bake cake...or to be more exact ALL MY BAKING UTENSILS!!!!) and I was halfway doing my things!!! so now have to rely on cin cai measuring the stuffs I need....which I think is a total failure since I'm waiting for my "tau foo fa" to set and it is bloody hell still so watery!!! arghhh...please god!!!HELP!!!! just let my "tau foo fa" become "tau foo fa" or not I have to drink all the syrup I made by itself... oh hmm maybe if i just stir the syrup and the watery tau foo fa maybe i get soya bean water???? hmmmmmmmmm

on other note....went out with haramoni to Eastgarden to get Kaka's birthday present...and just incase Kaka is reading this before her bday I won't reveal what it is until the celebration...haha but it is so cute (or more to the ham sap side) presents!!! Can't wait to see Kaka's face later... :D:D will take pic of it to post up here later...

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