Tuesday, April 18

HELP!!! I need to get a life!!

Sorry this is actually backdated photo from the other day...I was kinda busy doing other stuff. My prawn mee with sambal belacan behind (right pic)....ok I admit my picture taking skills ain't too good..but what you expect eh??? I'm not a bloody photographer!!! And the one on the right is my chicken katsu don with miso soup...yumm ( I'm so praising myself here)...anyway anything fried is good!!!!!!

So as can be seen I've had like the most productive week!!! NOT!!!! like I just wasted a nice 4 days holidays watching dramas...urmm wait I did actually enjoyed it..but now obviously suffering post holiday syndrome....I've put on weight!!!! but then again what can I expect when I sit down on my arse the whole entire time?? shit if anyone can find a way to lose weight while sitting down and doing nothing that person deserve a Nobel Prize...haha... but back to my oh so productive holiday...I think I seriusly got to stop buying dramas and movies!!!I NEED A FREAKING LIFE!!!! although I'm currently like hooked to it since I have so many unwatched ones and not to mention my oh so itchy backside now go to youtube to watch some of the dramas (I can so imagine haramoni fuming here since I'm like watching her SUPPOSED DRAMA and almost finishing it while she is having trouble streaming it..:D:D...yup in a period of 24 hours I've watched like 11 and a half episodes of Wonderful Life..5 and a half to go) But no worries no more watching the youtube for another month (after I finish this new drama anyway) since it takes up so many memories....haha anymore and my internet connection at home is going to be back to dial up speed and I dun think I can handle that!!! (more like my mum coming after me with a butcher knife for making the line so slow)....then I'll just get back to my seriusly piling up quite high discs at home (still got like say 3 sets of dramas and god knows how much movies to go!!!! so yup you guess it right ANTI SOCIAL ME for the next urmmmmmm 2 months I hope)

Anyways here is a so cute picture of achima, mine and haramoni dolls hanging on our phones...haha so cute...thanks ya haramoni for giving to us!!! can get more ah???

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I'm still waiting for an article on the great ingky.