Thursday, April 27


Ok I really do not know how will this post go up since I think I really screwed my computer...although my computer does look fine now for the time being...arghhhh....but NICOLE'S ADVICE FOR THE DAY: SCREW MAGNETS AND DO NOT PLAY WITH IT NEAR YOUR COMPUTER!!!!! Was playing with this bloody hell 10 dollar magnet that my mum bought for my brother's friend and the smart old me dropped it on my precious laptop!!!! I so feel like crying is so slow it hangs a lot...not to mention everytime it scans itself when I turned on my computer it hangs itself arghh I'm so afraid to turn off my computer now!!!!! ACHIMA AND HARAMONI......HELPPPPPPpppppppppppppp....*sob sob*

On another note, I'm also so bloody tired now...apart from stressing out on my great stupidity on my laptop..been running up and down the 4th and 5th floor trying to change everyone's radiation badge (ok maybe around 40 of them)...which is made 10x worse when I have no bloody idea who atleast 80% of them are....not to mention the badges only comes with family names so bloody hell how would I know anyone's family name..this is Australia men...everyone goes by their first spent my past 2 hour walking and looking for people or if I can't find ppl I'm going around opening drawers and searching lab coats praying that they put their badges in some easy to find places..geez I seriusly looked like a from 40 something bages I'm down to 8 (although I think some of them have already left the bloody centre and the others are just plain annoying and putting their badges is locked rooms!!! geez who you think you are huh??now me have to hunt you down to open door to change your badge??) Why Why Why I so backside itchy go take up this time me not volunteering to change the badge...haha I'm even more willing to dispose the radiation waste..yeah definately doing a 30 minute job of transferring 10kg drums is better than 2 hour of walking and looking for ppl....right???????

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