Thursday, April 27


Seriusly I admit I'm full of hatred around but I think one of the few that rank the top in my most hated list has got to be sorting out bills and for god sake men this is the 21st century, isn't there like a easier less painful way for me to go through these paper works??? and is not like is damn easy to read through it.... take my great credit card bill for example (take this from an idiot a.k.a ME who never bother keeping all the credit card my god going through the receipts with the statement is more torturous then going through the statement itself!!! not to mention my mum has a sup of my credit card and she never bother giving me the receipt!!!) why can't credit card company make it easy and write in detail what we used the amount for?? is bloody hell not easy when they write one thing when we actually spent it on another.....urghhhh...And to make the whole great matter worse about looking at my credit card statement would be seeing that most of the money spent there is not on ME!!!! IT IS MY BLOODY CREDIT CARD!!!!! IT SHOULD BE SPENT ON ME ME AND ME!!!! and definately not on some stupid bitch!!!! just make me have heart attack only looking at the statement and realizing my mum is bringing the bitch out and paying for the bitch's stuff... like what is this?? I give my mum a sup card for her to use to pay bills (and for me to collect points..haha) and now see what happens??? and for those of you who wonder I do pay as much of my credit card with my own money....although nowdays I think is about time I start asking my parents to pay for their own stuffs...not to mention for the bitch I'm at cold war here!!!!I'm not suppose to be nice...and I'm supposedly trying to be saving up my money to go hiao in Korea!!!! I so need a sugar daddy now lah... :D anyone can intro???? but anyways my ADVICE FOR THE DAY: BE CAREFUL ON WHO YOU GIVE A SUP CREDIT CARD OR YOU WILL LIVE TO REGRET IT!!

continuing on from my oh so beautiful credit card statement, was told yesterday to look forward to some future transactions..namely around a total of AUD 200 spent by my mother when she brought my brother and his 2 friends out....yup 200 bucks in one day spent on 3 kids (10 year old kids by the way) all these expensive useless kids...anyways the supposed 200 bucks I heard was used on movies, toys??!!! (oh you brats!!!!) and food (why isn't any of the 200 spent on feeding me??!!!!!)............and I was wondering how come I'm feeling some stabbing pain on my chest nowdays...Hellllpppppppppppp

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