Friday, April 14

I'm so bloody lazy!!!!!

Question: What is the best way to spend the nice long weekend??

Answer: BUM BUM BUM....(maybe that is the reason why my bum is so fat)....I just wasted my first out of 4 days holiday doing absolutely nothing....Thank god I did move my big fat arse a bit and got out of the house or I'm sure I won't hear the ending of the sentence "what??!!!you are still in your pajamas at 6pm?" but it would be so nice to just sit at home and sleep..woke up at noon today...since I slept at like 5am after a night of drinking...didn't drink that much this time..pheww....dun want to waste my liver so fast...But one lesson learnt of the night "NEVER EVER PLAY MUSICAL CHAIRS AFTER DRINKING" (unless of course you want to know the feeling of dizziness)...thank god I manage to get home without going thru road blocks (although I think if I did I would have made my blowing experience to 10)..

woke up today because of my bro asking me to cook lunch..urghhh like men can't a bum just sleep in peace???so fine ok I'll just cook lunch, eat and sleep again...(yeah right)...until I heard my mum hinting for me to wash and clean the balcony!!!! My head was like oh my god...the balcony???NOOOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!I don't have better things to do but I hate to clean the the smart old me manage to weasel my way through it and went out with haramoni and achima... :) and woo hoo went and got more dramas and movies to watch....I would be busy for the next few months.....geez come to think of it I really do spend a lot of time in front of the TV eh??? like counting down since December 2005 I've watched like 12 sets of drama (or more)...and this is not even including the movies and normal television I watch...AIKS!!!!!!

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