Monday, April 10

More food!!!Mee Jawa and Onde Onde Nicole's style

So looks quite obvious I had another one of those cooking weekend...could be more....suppose to me making prawn mee too...but was too tired and lazy to start...anyways eating the mee jawa and the onde onde was enuff to make me feel fat for the whole weekend...ooh but it was so so yummy...especially the onde onde..haha looks like very little gula melaka but it is because it all leaked out when i opened it to take the pic...haha was so nice since i manage to get the real authentic gula melaka (ok god knows how authentic it is lah but atleast it came from Melaka right???the last ones I used were from not sweet enuff)...shit now I'm seriusly drooling talking about it....maybe i just go home eat the gula melaka also enuff...haha

going to be a quiet few days...jonathan is at camp for 3 days!!!haha imagine 3 days of bliss!!!ok maybe not bliss lah since my mum is still around but hey 1 out of 2 gone..haha....though i think he so lucky can go for shit men the first time i went for camp was like in high school!!!!and joanthan is only 10!!!bloody lucky....guess he is going to rub it in once he gets back so I better enjoy this 3 days kow kow...

ok better stop and do some work now..suppose to follow this guy do some adenovirus expandition...shit men just got told today I'm suppose to learn and do it for the whole lab next time...not to mention teach other ppl next time...shit shit shit and I thought I was learning for myself..haha guess in future it would be the blind leading the blind..haha...can't wait for some disaster to happen!!!!

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