Friday, April 28

My supervisor and my so very neat lab bench!!!

<----- Is my supervisor!!!! or actually that part is not important the most important thing is this is my so neat bench!!! :D I think I put up post a week ago or so showing my so beautiful social corner..and look...a week later my so neat bench is on newspaper (ahem to be exact 27th of April Sydney Morning Herald Health and Science section pg 8)...ok sorry lah but hehe this just proves right of all the 13 ppl in the lab my great bench (and social corner) is the neatest (too bad my mum is saying that doesn't apply for my room)...if you guys zoom enuff you would be able to see my oh so beatiful name written on the red rack....not to mention my beatiful film at the side...haha but for you guys out there seeing this pic my supervisor is just posing for photograph...although he better hope no occupational health and safety department ppl come looking for him anytime soon since he greatly posed next to the sign DANGER: Biological Hazard (notice my supervisor ain't wearing gloves and labcoat?? :D)

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