Thursday, April 27

Next stop Mongolian BBQ!!

(backdated post...actual event on the 26th of April)I think this seriusly proves the point of I so love BBQ...:D I tried korean BBQ, japanese BBQ, aussie BBQ and now mongolian BBQ...hmmm I wonder what else BBQ me missing out on.....any ideas anyone??? The dinner was at Genghis Khan Mongolian Restaurant at King St Wharf (not good idea to walk there). Anyways the way it works is that we are suppose to get the food we want....put in all the sauces and vegetables (supposedly lah) that we want...then bring it to the window and this guy comes along takes it and dump it on that huge cook top and cook it for you....1 minute later we collect the cooked food from the window and eat (supposed how the mongolian eats dunno whether true or not lah...maybe they try to "Ngak Gwai lo" :D )

Here is the picture of the great Kaka Ting (more like babi hutan)...bday girl!!!! that is one of the present we got her...A nice medal saying sex legend!!!haha and it was presented to her by Edwin (although we were getting confused on who exactly is the sex legend since both of them are so bloody ham sap!!!!) The next picture is the babi hutan posing with her supposed also very ham sap french supervisor (who was suppose to get her some red lingerie!!!but ended up giving her flowers...bah)..I think is just that lab....full of ham sap ppl..thank god me no where near them!!! Anyways HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY KAKA TING a.k.a babi hutan or would it be better if I call you SEX LEGEND???!!!

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