Friday, April 21

Nicole's Top 5 of Idiots I feel like strangling

Yeh another bitching post!!!*drum roll* :D quite obvious I started of my day so beatifully (being sarcastic here)..ok lah day wasn't that bad...oh wait is only 10 something in the morning..and i already got something to bitch about :D I'm so delayed in my stuffs... came so early in the morning to start my work ended up talking with my supervisor about the project grant...urghh that greatly wasted 30 minutes of my morning.... not to mention another few more hours of my day gone having to re-read the project grant (which I have to say is 10x worse than reading journals!!! god knows how can those ppl read it!!!!) and of all days on the day that I'm running 3 experiments!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!! luckily these experiments all have long here I am muahaha complaining to the wall again.. ;)

Anyways here is the list of top 5 idiots I feel like strangling.....reason why I'm so pissed off this morning...encounter some of the idiots this morning.... :D

No 5 IDIOTS WHO THINKS THAT THE ROAD BELONGS TO THEM right I'm writing this in benefit of all drivers out there who have to share the road with idiots!!!! I have to say everywhere has idiotic drivers but I think Sydney is by far the worst!!!! even Malaysia can't beat Sydneysiders driving....just filled with IDIOTS!!!!

No 4 IDIOTS WHO HOG MACHINES AND DOESN'T USE IT!! take for example this morning when I wanted to use the tissue culture hood (ok fine was my fault first since I'm trying to book the hood last minute) some idiots booked it at like 8am to 12pm (god knows why would anyone want it for like 4 freaking hours for!!!) and the best part of it....the idiot only came in at 9am (yes as in came in to work at 9am)...and here I am can't do my work because some idiots was supposed to use it at 8am (she came in at 9am and only just started to use the hood 5 minutes ago by the way since she had to get ready her stuff and warm her media...and fyi the time at the moment is 10.15am!!!!!)

No 3 IDIOTS WHO USES STUFFS AND NEVER BOTHER REPLACING IT ONCE FINISHED as you can see I'm bitching about some idiots in my names though but haha i'm sure some of you can guess who it is....these are the self centred idiots who only care about their own experiments and never bother about other ppl....and there are bigger idiots that this who when they can't find stuff for the experiments they dig up other ppl's stash (like mine!!!) uses them and never bother replacing hard is it just to pick up a piece of paper and pen and order the stuffs??is not like you need a credit card number or anything is just writing what stuff you need and send it to the ordering centre which is like urmmm 4 room away and less than 30 sec walk??

No 2 NO USE IDIOTS WHO ARE ALWAYS LATE!! and I mean late as in very late ok...5-15 minutes late is still alrite depending on where the person who have to wait for you is at...but truthfully speaking anything above 30 minutes late is just pure rude especially if you don't have the decent courtesy of apologizing for it (and no late is not an excuse alrite even if you are a Malaysian!!!!) .....and this is obviously made 10x worse if the idiot who is late is the one who is asking for help....urghhh like who you think you are huh???making me wait so long just to help you???!!!like WTF???

No 1 LAZY BLOODY IDIOTS WHO TAKE THE BLOODY ELEVATOR TO GO UP ONE FLOOR!!!!! for god sake men I'm like one of the laziest fat bum person on earth and I atleast have the decency to walk up that pathetic one how tiring can that be????and is not like you are obese or anything (ok I will excuse you if you are obese).. not to mention in my building itself the elevator are like freaking ancient and slow!!!! come on men take pity on me who have to go up 4 freaking floor leh... although today one idiot got her retribution... she took the lift up one floor and this professor was in the elevator and gave her a piece of his mind after that....ahhhhhh she so deserved it.... :D


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