Tuesday, April 11

Nyonya day

Ok so I admit no brother at home means I got more time to do other stuffs..but last minute cooking spree??!!even I myself am amazed we did so much in one day...not to mention in one night..no wonder I'm so freaking sleepy right now...lack of sleep!!!HELP!!!!

anyways incase of not so clear photos I was kinda hungry when I took the pics...haha...the first one is our failed kuih talam....it tastes like kuih talam looks like kuih talam but the texture all wrong...(and we really followed the recipe book...wonder where we went wrong??anyways never mind will try it again until I suceed..don't believe I can't make kuih talam!!!!!!)..the second pic is the Tu Pok Ki (korean rice cake)...quite yummy....urmm wait make that very yummy...haha full of carbs....droollll.....3rd pic is haramoni's jab chae (vegetarian glass noodles)...very very yummy (not too much vegetable lah so better still..haha) and the last picture is Haramoni posing to take photograph..almost burn the Tu Pok Ki also..haha but ok lah I was the idiot that asked her to take the photo and no damage done!!!

not too much to do today...quite boring day..just treat my cells and and some stupid RT (since I only have like 3 samples..urghhh)...going out later to hiao with haramoni again..god knows where but I'm sure we will find a place..hmmm need to bitch also so yeh can't wait...haha :)


Anonymous said...

wat is tei ni lian doing inside???!!!!

Nicole Tan said...

You dun complain so much of haramoni ah...haha she is the one who made your lunch today!!!!you no use ungrateful guy!!!veggie beng really veggie beng..:D

heidi said...

bloody hell, vege beng... how dare you said that,... next time you go to eat shit better..... no la is actually you go to suck shit...............die la u