Saturday, April 29

Overload of dolphins and wines....I want more cheese and fudge...

First of all...I'm so freaking tired!!!!! feeling so exhausted and not to mention my whole body is aching like hell...really feel so old already....whole day travelling and driving...from 8am till 8.30pm....there goes a whole Saturday!! (made worse by the fact that I had to play mahjong with my lovely brother and mum from 10pm-11.15pm)...and here I am right now writing this blog since my computer is still screwed thought might as well make use of the fact that it can actually still turn on to write this post now...I'm so bloody committed eh?? Can't wait till the computer is fixed!!! why why why did I dropped the magnet on it??!!!*crap*

Anyways I spent my whole Saturday with haramoni, Jon and my mum at Port Stephens and Hunter Valley..about 2 and half hour drive to Port Stephens from Sydney...Port Stephens to Hunter Valley about 1 and a half hour and Hunter Valley to Sydney about 2 hours about 6 hour no wonder my butt aches!!! At Port Stephens we went on a 1 and a half hour dolphin watch cruise (super bumpy need I include due to the weather...haramoni was so worried we wouldn't be able to see any dolphins but no worries the advertisement did say 99% chance of seeing dolphins)...I put up the best pic I could take of the extremely lazy and not very smart dolphins (it was almost imposible to take their head and as I said they are not very smart so nope I couldn't see any dolphins performing stunts and jumping..urghhh waste of time..rather go sea world..atleast the dolphin there are smarter!!!)..After having our picnic lunch (which I spent last night preparing since I knew the food there sucks.. and since I don't exactly want sandwiches for lunch, I prepared sushi, inari and vietnamese spring rolls for lunch as shown in the picture), drove to Hunter Valley...mum bought like a dozen bottle of wine for 72 bucks (around RM200) and me bought a bottle of dessert wine for 20 bucks (ok ok I know a bit ex but the bottle is so darn cute!!!I'm a sucker lah ok)..there were some seriusly cutely labelled wines there on sale too but NO I DIDN'T GET IT..was 15 bucks a bottle (not to mention it was just like some sarcastic smart ass comments lah...but still kinda cute hence the pictures!!)...we also managed to try some cheese (no pics lah since the place was so crowded and a bit pai seh lah take pics and getting free samples..hehe I still got face)...also manage to tried some fudge (so yummy but arghh now regretting didn't buy it lah...)

And after all that we still manage to drive back to Sydney just in time for dinner with achima..haha although she looked so bored waiting for us...until need to write in the chat box..:D sorry ya achima took so long.... All in all extremely productive day although extremely tiring too....I guess good in a way I'm not stuck at home watching tv and increasing the size of my prosperity although I think sitting down and driving increases it too..:D:D:D

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