Wednesday, April 26

Super yummy ham sap present....

Here is the photo of Kaka's bday present....Though the celebration is tonight thought I'll just put it up since I gave her the present yesterday...:D wonder if the babi hutan put it to good use already..haha hopefully she took photos with it...can't wait to see them....anyways obviously I didn't open the present to take photo..haha as much as I wanted to!!!!looks yummy..though I think whoever eat it will get diabetes instantly..haha...but it looks shit ass cool lah....the medal we got for her also quite cute..haha imagine wearing all 3 of them together..woo hoo...this year I think we got the babi hutan one of the most ham sap gift ever..haha....:P suits her so well...right kaka???!!!Anyways can't wait tonight meat diet!!! Yeh!!!!

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