Monday, April 24

Tau Foo Fah, Vodka and Korean BBQ (what else can I ask more?!)

(Actual picture taken on 21/4/06) Ok Ok another backdated post. I keep forgetting to take my camera cable home so I can't upload the pictures I take on the weekend. But wooo I love korean BBQ....when I go Korea end of this year I don't care I'm living on korean BBQ everyday...haha better make sure I take some constipation medicine with me just in case... :D and pray that I won't get sick of my meat diet!!!!!! The other picture is the korean hotpot we had the other night. ...full of meat (maybe not so full lah) and mushrooms!!! was the only hot pot that was not time I'm not bringing my brother out to korean food...Just realise korean food needs to be spicy or it wouldn't taste as nice...but in summary the food was good...side dishes not too bad..lazy to put up the side dish picture lah...haha and hte restaurant was filled with koreans (although nope there wasn't any cute korean guys in it....haha but then again korean guys ain't too cute to start of with)

And here we have the great collection of the oh so cute vodka!!!!haha I opened and drank the vannila and the mandarin vodka...oooo so yummy....I really like the mandarin one...very nice...highly recomended...will try the rest next time since I was starting to feel dizzy after drinking the mandarin and the vanilla one straight off...haha not to mention the 2 glasses of wine I had before it!! arghh my alcohol tolerance is running low!!!HELP!!!!no more drinking!! Next to it is my 2nd attempt with the tau foo fah..since obviously the 1st one failed thanks to some bitch for taking my measuring cups and spoons....but haha it was quite yummy (sugar helped heaps!!!)...alhough hte recipe needs improving...the tau foo fah wasn't as soft as I hope it to be..Need it to be softer than my butt..haha...

Ok and for those of you who are actually reading on after this...during the weekend I was so bored I actually took pics of my old pics (haha that was confusing enuff) here are some blurry shot of my baby pics...haha so doopy this is for you so I don't need to waste my time go to postoffice..haha cute or not ah?? ( sorry lah the pictures a bit blur..I did take it after I drank the wine and vodka!!! hands was already shaking like mad) ...The first one was when I was 5 weeks old...2nd on when I was 1 year old..and the 3rd one when I was 3 years old ok??

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