Wednesday, April 12

Top 5 essentials to complete PHD

When ppl ask me what am I doing now, I am usually reluctant to tell them I'm doing a PHD (most of the time I tell them I'm a student)...why???because the sentence is always follow by "wow you must be very smart blablabla" ..but seriusly take it from me (as in my bludger, lazy fat ass and definately not smart personality) YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SMART TO DO A PHD!!!!So I thought I'll list out the top 5 stuff important to do a PHD (from surviving it to getting a Dr as a title)

No 5: Connections or friends who can teach you how to do experiments (better if they did it seriusly you wouldn't want to start from scratch...the more shortcuts you learn the better..not to mention the faster you finish!!)

No 4: Good equipments in and materials in lab (no need to be so cheapskate....but you need to have No 3 to get No 4)..wasting is good since is not coming out of your pocket

No 3: A FREAKING (and I really mean freaking) rich supervisor and lab (serius some ppl I know from not so rich lab have to resort to stealing even gloves!!!!)

No 2: A damn good CONNECTION with your supervisor, examiner and reviewers!!!!! (like come on men politics matters!!!!!)

No 1: MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL!!!! LUCK LUCK LUCK....if you are the type that never had good luck in your life seriusly then dun bother starting a PHD you will just get more depressed!!!but if you think you are alrite not too bad luck and jinxed then go ahead do a PHD (no need to be so lucky until win lottery lah since if you that lucky I more suggest you give the money to me so I can retire)

So yup the top 5 essentials...and notice none of them involve brains!!!haha PHD is what I call slack and relaxing get money and title and you dun work as hard as those idiots in companies!!!haha...I would term in a in between student and working lifestyle...or should I also add the best of student and working lifestyle!!! :D

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