Thursday, April 20

Wonderful Life (not mine though)

Trust me is not my wonderful life. It was the korean drama I was watching for the past few days ( :D notice the lack of posting??) anyways I even added the MV for the show..just to test how to do it and for haramoni benefit....the song in there is so bloody cute..haha using it as my ring tone now...the small girl is so darn in there...definately not my type dun worry haramoni I won't steal him away from you..I much prefer the other guy..much better smile :P not too bad a show for those who are interested in watching it...though I found it was a little too draggy lah and i skipped some parts..wasting all my time streaming it only....But oh yeah for those interested to stream 30 minutes of the show, according to my very rough calculation should take about yup I have succeeded in wasting half of my monthly download allowance in 3 days!!!so meaning no more streaming for the next month or the speed will go down to dial up speed and my neck on chopping block by my mum and bro... :D Anyways the show is quite worth a watch..Quite funny and at parts damn freaking sad...but oh the little girl is so darn cute especially when she does the love sign.. :) oh and one good thing about the show: IT HAS A HAPPY ENDING!!!! I really can't take shows with sad twisted thumbs up to haramoni for at last suggesting something good to watch.. :D


heidi said...

this is the best show ever and is acting by KIM JAE WON....wau... he is so damn cute

Nicole Tan said...

wei the other guy better lah...what's his name ah??quick go find out for me