Sunday, May 21

Achima's HD essay and Dinner to celebrate....

backdated post: Event occured on 17/4/06

Didn't really had time to put this post up earlier due to 1) I was busy complaining about my shitty week 2) Camera was with a lab mate so couldn't transfer the pics... (yes the same camera is used for taking dead mice heart picture and my food for the good of mankind!!!)

The first pic is achima HD essay..*clap clap*....this essay by the way is linked with loads of memories..haha I think it was a few months ago when achima had to hand in this essay...she and her sleepless nights and probs with her supervisor who only read like the first few pages before returning it to her and said he has no time to continue..not to mention adding the sentence of with the rate she is writing she is looking at 2nd class honours..BASTARD!!!how can you say that to your student and not help her??!! so in the end I ended up helping achima and proof reading it for her and correcting her english..(yes my english which has been insulted numerous time is now being put to use..haha) was such a rush job since it was due in a few hours and between achima and I we were like going up and down passing the paper after I corrected them to give her to correct it in her the end she was so desperate that she just corrected everything without going through them..aiks haha I was so afraid I would have made a mistake and screw her paper upside down..not to mention I rewrote her whole entire conclusion and she blindly just typed it in!!! Stress..haha but she got her results back at last and she got HD for it..muahaha feel like shoving the paper to her supervisor and say IN HIS FACE...too bad he isn't in the country..haha...she could have gotten a higher mark if she checked her reference which i didn't check since we didn't have time..ah well...

In the evening we went out for dinner with edwin and harmoni in the city...the jap place at Capitol...since I didn't have any family commitments to cook dinner...:) was so so hungry, so we ordered the beef first while waiting for the forever late Edwin...he came just as the beef we all tucked into it before I had the chance to take sorry guys the pic is missing 4 slices of came with like a mountain of raw shaved onions...yummmmm...haha...then we had sashimi too which is not too bad..and all of us ordered a rice bowl each..Heidi and I got the mix prawn, fish and pork don...I so love the mix..haha..edwin got the pork katsu don while achima got the chicken katsu don..yummy...ahhhhhhhhhh..but I still like mine the best...haha more meat meat meat....glorius meat!!!!!!!!!!drooollllllll

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