Friday, May 19

Aiks: Kena Tagged

Yes I just noticed my dear cousin velverse decided to tag me..don't even know what tag is until she explained it to me..means ah great more work to do..haha so thought I would give her some face and continue it..see how much I love you dearie treat me nice ya..haha *hint I want those dramas!!!*

I AM The great Nicole Tan!!!!!
I JUST NOW was doing my work?!
I WANT A super rich husband ASAP so I can start to become a housewife with a PHD degree??
I WISH I have a super rich husband?
I HATE wow so many the blog and you would know!!
I MISS Malaysian food so badly...chow kuay tiow, nasi lemak, pan mee, laksa, chicken rice, wan tan mee, roti canai, teh tarik and the list goes on
I FEAR LIZARDS!!!!urghh those slimy disgusting things
I HEAR nothing right now..lab is empty...:D
I WONDER what I'm going to have for lunch??hmmmmmm
I REGRET nothing!!I do stuffs with no regrets!
I AM NOT a hardworking person
I SING all oldies and pop songs..haha i'm so sentimental!
I CRY sometimes??
I AM NOT ALWAYS that i???
I MADE successful clone of this gene me interested in today!!!
I WRITE nothing much..i hate writing!!!I type nowdays :)
I CONFUSE every single freaking day on what to eat or do..too fickled minded :)
I SHOULD seriusly stop bitching so much..(NOT!!!)
I START I'm such a lazy bum do you think I'll start anything??!!
I FINISH my lunch in the middle of answering these questions..(had char siew/siew yok rice...hehe)
I TAG achima and sleepy pig (the one that eat and sleep only and calls me know who you get your lazy ass to do something...forgot your blog address btw so can pass to me again?)


ingky said...

Where's the "I Miss Ingky" post?


Nicole Tan said...

ingky: will only put I miss ingky if you come visit me in sydney...:)