Wednesday, May 17

Arghh when will the stringsss of bad luck ends??

One of my grumbling post it isn't bitching because I ain't bitching now (or am I??), just need to release stress stress stress.... why why why so many bad luck need to come this week..shit and is only wednesday I still have half a week left and I have this feeling is not going to get any better!!!! but so far here is the list of serius shit luck I've been getting from yesterday till today (time is around 11am now)

1) Tuesday: added extra samples in my experiments...but luckily managed to do some damage control so all is well now (only found that out yes I was like going through the night worrying)

2) Tuesday again: was watching this DVD half way before got shooed to my room by my thought I would continue the DVD using my computer..but as luck has it out of like 8 freaking DVD it has to be this particular DVD that keeps getting stuck and hanging my computer...and yes you guess it right.IT WAS AT THE MOST EXCITING PART OF THE FREAKING BORING SHOW!!! full of freaking crap yes spent like 30 minutes messing about with it until I just got so sick of it at 10pm and proceeded to just crawl under my comforter and go to sleep...can't be bothered to think

3) Tuesday again before my DVD incident: had a call from my mum at 8pm...called me to go pick her up...and yes I was in the middle of watching the dvd when that happened...(suppose to go pick her up at I already did the calculation I should be done with my DVD when I go pick her up at supposed 9) anyways pause my show..and went to pick her up...reached her uni around 8.10 (haha yes it took me 10 speeding minutes to go from my house to the city..the show was getting dramatic!!) called her and was told she was busy emailing someone so asked me to waited and waited and waited until 8.30 when she finally come down..yes took 10 minute to speed there..and 20 minutes to life is so wonderful!!!! home in 15 minutes....watched a few minutes more of the drama before I was chased back into my room because my mum wanted to watch TV outside while eating (she doesn't want to eat in her room) fine got into my room, took my shower and that is when number 2 happened...

4) Wednesday morning: yes chaffeur Nicole is at work again...had to send my mum to work and my brother to school...and instead of the usual drive the car back home for my mum, I was forced to drive to uni...reason being...(read conversation I had previous day below)

Mum: hey you need to bring the car to uni tmr ok?

Me: ha??why??I got quite busy day tmr

Mum: oh I finish work at 11 and I need to go to your bro school by 12.15

Me: you can just take bus home then take car from there..should leave you plenty of time

Mum: ai ya try come pick me up at 11 after work then I send you back to uni (keeping in mind from my uni to her uni is like 30 minutes..meaning 1 hour away)

Me: ha??no totally cannot I got a lot of work time points to keep...the max also is I can come pick you up from randwick or kingsford (since those take like 15 minute max to and what the hell men I don't own this lab ok...I'm getting paid to have my butt here not somewhere else)

Mum: hai yo ok lah..I thought your time is flexible (as i said flexible but not to the point of that!!!)

Me: still ma..why you need to go to Jon's school for??

Mum: oh meeting one of his friend's mum for lunch (doh doh wtf??? I thought it was a matter of life and death and here you are going for a social meeting and you want me to ponteng work?????!!!!! WTF WTF WTF??so yes dreading for wednesday to come)

5) Wednesday: sent mum to work and bro to school...8 am thought my luck can't be that black...but unfortunately there are some kiasu ppl here at 8am already no place to park around uni (yes these kiasu whose class definately dun start at 8!!!) yes had to go to the bloody multi storey car park and pay 4 bucks for parking (I dun mind the 4 bucks..I just hate the fact that I have to pay to park there...and the bloody multi storey car park does not have a lift!!!..and for casual parking I have to park at LEVEL 5!!!!!!...I dun mind the walking down but walking up...arghhhh proceed to the next few numbers for the story)

6) Wednesday again: came into the lab..put my stuff down went straight to the tissue culture room to check on my babies..haha not really lah..before I can even reached the room I can hear alarm going on inside it..yes some dumb freaking ass left the incubator door open...thank god is not where my cells are or not the ppl sure die die die...saw that the door was left open quite long since the temperature is quite more work for me..had to write a note to paste on the door and an email to tell ppl about see another 15 minute of my already not very happy and busy day gone!!!for something unrelated to me!!!hai..not to mention I had to proceed on to do my work in the room for the next 20 minutes with the alarm ringing in my freaking head due to the fact the mute button for the alarm wasn't working!!!!arghhhhh

7) Wednesday again: (reference no 1) yes checked and my damage control worked continued on the experiment (I so hate this 2 day experiment thing...) checked I didn't have enough antibody (which I did expected since I've been using a lot of it...but nvm can be reused) was suppose to just get ready one tube of solution..but god knows why my smart brain went and did 2...and I forgot to label them!!and I added the antibody into one of the tube...and since it was like 20ul of freaking uncoloured solution I didn't know which tube it was!!!!!! arghh arghhh freaking eat had to go with my gut feeling for this and just took one tube..and saved the other just in case (well if it doesn't work means another extra day of work) so yes now I have to go through a whole morning and half an afternoon wondering whether it is the right tube or not..will only find out at life is just so good!!!

8) Wednesday again: turned on computer....saw an email from someone in the centre asking me to review and correct a form I have...this by the way is a freaking bloody boring and annoying form which really takes a lot of energy to bull is one of those forms for the EPA about radiation about all the safety measures we take and yes freaking loads of bullshit..and she wants them by friday..just great men like I have not enuff work to do now I have to scratch myu head for this...arghhh eat shit eat shit leave me alone!!!!!

9) Wednesday again: call from my mum at 11.10 am...saying she is in bus so meet her in what the hell???we were suppose to meet at 11.45 not 11.25...I have a tight time course experiment here which is already like made 10x worse due to my stupid blunder in number life is just so after quickly changing my solution I had to proceed to run all the way to the multi storey car park and run up the freaking 5 floor...apart from me being totally out of shape and fat (although i swear to god those thin ppl would also be tired) my self dizzy from the stupid going round and round the steps...and down the car park since i was speeding down...although I have to say it was pretty fun..but shit head is so going bonkus now...luckily didn't have to wait long or else......but still this number is to curse the bloody car park...take my money atleast have the decency to put a lift there!!!or atleast allow casual parking to be on like level 3 or so...not freaking level 6!!!!(by the way the stairs go to level 5 then I have to get out and walk up a ramp to level 6 so yes more walking or should i say running?)

yes it is now 12pm..had to take a few intermission break just now...(eg fetch my mum and obviously to do my work) ...i have such a wonderful life....but trust me my shit ass fun time not ending there yet...there is more to come....but since it haven't happened yet..let's wait till tmr :D now I've got to quickly do some more work before grabbing a quick lunch with achima....(see how pathetic my lunch is..i have to eat in the building because evey 15 minutes I have to come back to the lab to wash my stuffs..)


ingky said...

Someone leading such a 'cham' life there in Sydney. Thats why come back to Malaysia!!

Nicole Tan said...

wah easy for you to pay for my plane ticket back i straight come back see you!!

Your achima said...

Aiyo my dear....poor you. At least u had my company for lunch in that pathetic building and we had a great dinner out last nite :)

With you and heidi screaming "eh ACHIMA..." dunno for wat reasons.


See you tomorrow for breakfast. Promise to wake up early.

Nicole Tan said...

Achima: haha well we saw you so cham there waiting for the traffic light thought you might like some entertainment..haha ACHIMA!!!should have done it more hiao I think now...see you tmr 7.10 ya..haha mmmm banana bread

Your achima said...

mmm, yum, can't wait to indulge in that banana bread......