Saturday, May 6

Back in action (sort of)

After a horribly bad and crappy day yesterday...I really so hated my computer!! there was nothing absolutely nothing in it...the guy who fixed my computer didn't put a lot of stuffs back in...luckily i backuped my files..but the programs??? means I have to call the IT ppl in uni on monday to come and help me set some of the stuffs back and get some free programs (not to mention I need the printer!!!!!) and why why why???because of a bloody magnet I have so many other stuffs to do!!!urghhh..but back to my unequipped computer...the wireless network wasn't working, some of the buttons weren't working (had to download some drivers) and worse of all there is no cd burning software (do you know how horrible is that for a self proclaimed lanun??!!!) luckily so far I have nothing to burn..or not me sure more stress..urmm wait come to think of no point also burn anything since the guy who fixed my computer forgot to pass me back my external cd drive!!!!!aiks!!!!

But in the end I've got the wireless network in my laptop to work again...thanks to Terence...I have to say for someone whom I have heard so many not so nice stuffs about he is pretty much ok and quite reliable when my computer is concerned...:D and he even pass me a korean movie with my leng chai in it!!!!! hehe can't wait to watch that later today when me free...urmm that is if me free anyways....waiting for my dear old babi hutan to come and pick me up so can go to the lab and start working...YES ON A SATURDAY!!!! but is better since no one would be in the lab and we could just go around and slowly do our stuffs...*finger cross* hope it works!!! since we added extra stuffs in it (because her supervisor wanted her to!!! if it doesn't work oh the supervisor is so DEAD!!!)..ok better stop a message from Edwin that the babi hutan is on the way 10 minutes ago...and as far as I remember their lab ain't too far from my place...and I haven't even change... is noon right now and hai as I always say I hate my Saturdays!!!!!

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