Monday, May 22

The Bad Luck Sky is Clearing :D :D

:D yes I can now finally say my bad luck week is finally over...well I pray so anyways...*crossing fingers* maybe that good luck water from Japan picture really did its magic!!! and no no I'm not one of those superstitious person infact I'm not at all (although I have to admit that my room is feng shui-ly arranged...well you can never be too sure right?)...

The one good thing that is making me smile like :D:D:D right now is when I was looking at the videos I uploaded on You Tube..haha can you believe I loaded it on sat night and until now all 4 of my videos has 596 views???(to count 237 ppl viewed the all JAWS singing together, 106 saw Justin 1, 172 saw Justin 2 and 81 saw Alex)...come to think of it shit I'm bloody insulted there should be more ppl watching my ALEX!!!! arghhh..too come on men he is the most leng chai one use ppl...haha although I have to admit my videos was the clearest of them all!!! :P and some of them even gave it 5 star rating and favourited MY VIDEOS!!!...*muahahaha* yes yes I'm feeling extremely proud of it...(wondering who rated it now..darn too bad can't see I would have kissed the ppl!!!doubt they want it though..)..some even gave comments..haha one of them wrote how Alex is so haha so happy so happy!

Second thing that is making me smile right now is there was some anonymous comments on my blog...said quite nice thanks to whoever you are...*I am btw relieved that the comments was on the food blog and not the bitching one* not that I mind anyone commenting on my bitching but hehe well I dun exactly need more proof that I AM A BITCH.. :D Although can someone please go comment on how cute my Alex look??? *yes even if you are a guy...just LIE TO ME!!!*

And the most important thing that is making me smile: NO BAD STUFFS HAPPENING SINCE THE CONCERT!!!Muahahaha ok maybe is because I spent whole of saturday at home (i so love lazing about) and yesterday just went out to watch "The Da Vinci Code", lunch at "Mother Chu's Taiwanese Restaurant" and went walking around..manage to buy the damn cable to connect my phone to the computer since the IR connection is screwed after the idiotic 10 dollar magnet incident...and bought 2 long sleeve blouse..muahahha yes I'm happy...The movie by the way was ok only...but seriusly LONG!!!! I would really suggesting reading the book before going to the movie because if you don't you would be LOST!!!trust me...not to mention I felt that the movie kept jumping here and be a bookwork first and go read the book first..Nicole's advice of the day...(it doesn't come often so TAKE IT!!!)

Anyways ok not going to be a long post today...really should start my work after the long and boring monday meeting..even had drinks after that...had champagne to celebrate a paper that got accepted not mine though...although I have to say drinking alcohol on a bloody monday morning is just plain weird!!MY LAB IS FULL OF ALCOHOLICS!!!...I am after all paid to do my work and not bum around the lab using their super fast internet for private use so yes ok ok I'm getting my arse up my seat like right now....after i press publish post that is..;P

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