Friday, May 19

Bad lucks slowly and hopefully going away

Yes finally I got a little room to breathe....Is Friday morning 10.37 and is not too bad a day...well it better not be I dun want to ruin a suppose to be perfectly good day..reason why i put the pic you see here on my MSN..haha it is one of those pics I took from Japan..the 3 water is suppose to give you luck in wealth,health and mind..although we are suppose to drink it..which I did (last year) I'm just hoping hehe picture would also do the trick right now..and hmm it seems to be working..haha can't wait for the concert tonight!!!woooo.....cuties..haha...But noticed I said bad luck slowly going away???yes that means is still there but not as thank freaking god...I dun think I can handle anymore...haha so going to continue from yesterday post on what happned after number 16

17) Thursday again: Was in the middle of harvesting my cells (I should stress here that it is with radiation) and was disturbed by 2 ppl coming to talk and consult the radiation safety officer..aka me or the other guy who was having tea I anyways cut long story short they started consulting me when I'm like in the middle of doing my radioactive work??like sheesh dun they see I need concentration here???urghh...but anyways they were consulting me about one of them smartly left a bin of radioactive waste in the lab where anyone can stumble upon (yes one of the big rule of radiation all waste should be put in the LOCKED waste room!!!)...but that was not where the problem came in...some idiots went to put stuff in her bin...and the bag leaked..aka radioactive stuff is in the bin and the bin is quite badly contaminated...yes at this point I almost wanted to shoot that person like why in the world didn't you put an extra bag there to prevent the leak from spreading (aka double bag it idiot!!!!so if one bag leak you got another bag to stop it)..and the other was why why why you left in a general area??you have the bloody key to the waste room how hard is it to dump all your stuffs there???!!!!!! so obviously was kinda pissed like i'm doing my work here and I have to worry about in the world are we going to get rid of a bloody contaminated bin...urghhh...(after a few hours of thinking, finally decided to go to them and forced them to go look for a huge enuff plastic bag to put the bin in it..haha is their problem not mine...although once they do it I have to be the one calling the collectors to come and collect them..see extra work again..hai)

18) Thursday evening: Got told off by my mum because I couldn't lend her my I already promised someone in the lab I was lending my camera to her for her to take heart picture...and she was like why family comes first blablabla...although truthfully speaking I was like alreayd half cursing under my breath...since I GAVE HER A BLOODY CAMERA LAST YEAR FROM MY DAD WHICH I GOT IN JAPAN WHICH IS LIKE BETTER THAN THE ONE I HAVE!!!! and what happened to the camera??? SHE FREAKING HELL LENT THE BLOODY BRAT WHO HAS JUST CONVENIENTLY TOOK IT AS HERS AND IS BLOODY HELL NOT RETURNING IT!!!! so what has that got to do with me??? I'M JUST ON THE RECEIVING END OF BULL SHIT!!!! but as I said I can't do anything....someone else is relying on my camera for to take pictures of the animal study and I don't exactly want to be on the receiving end of experiment cannot go now my mum has to be contented with the 2mp camera I gave my brother....ah well better than nothing eh?? (although I'm definately anticipating an email from my dad complaning about my refusal to lend my mum my camera in about the next hour or usual....hai....)

19) Thursday evening/Friday morning: yes sorry achima I also was looking forward to banana bread this morning with loads and loads of butter...but ah well was told last minute my brother not going to his trombone practise so I had to cancel breakfast..sorry ya achima and haramoni...atleast I told you I thought it was the end of story but this morning at 6.20am I got an sms from Edwin...urghhh trust me when my phone went off I was like yes I'm condemning this idiot who is waking me up from my perfect dream until I read the message that goes Edwin: I'm coming for breakfast.Wait for me....(oops shit forgot to tell him breakfast is cancelled..die die die..but then again he was like the one saying he won't make it..haha guess the banana bread temptation was too much for him..hehe) yes so i proceeded to sms him back apologising..alhtough it took me quite long to sms since I was damn freaking tired ok...hai and no me not condemning him now..hehe feeling quite fault my fault I admit....although he is the one who distubed my dream!!!yes it was so so so such a good dream...haha not going to say what is it though...hehe shy....*blush*

yup so about it for the string of bad luck..I hope that would be the end of it since I dun think there would be anymore...or so I hope...but then again I am running a gel right now to see if my cloning works...if it doesn' dear old lab mate got a lot of explaning to do....

Edit: Friday 2.45 pm another bad luck...*sob* maybe I accidentally offended the wealth god for spelling wealth wrongly just now..hehe but I corrected it already now

20) Friday afternoon: Tried calling my hair dresser like 10 minutes ago to make appointment to cut my hair...and *sob sob* found out he left for Shanghai and is not coming back...SO SAD!!! like I so love going there to cut my hair!!! he and his gf is so nice...and not to mention the washing hair part is so so since the chair is a massage chair so I get my hair washed and get massaged too...arghhh shit men where am I going to cut my hair now???? arghhh......die die die...I dunno where and scared to try new one later my hair turn out like i dunno what...*sob sob*

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