Sunday, May 28

Entertaining Again: My 3 course Meal

Another one of those days my mum decided to do some entertaining and invited a friend of hers to my place for dinner..with me cooking obviously..well atleast this time she didn't say Bak Kut Teh which was like thank unadventurous....haha so I got to choose the menu this time!!! which then again was like more stressful lah..since it took me a few days to think of something since I was so busy and didn't have much mood to in the end decided on the simplest stuffs I can cook which overall took me less than 2 hour to prepare lah... I'm just lazy lah ok...

Oh before I continue on I should stress that the friend my mum bought over is old and married so not my type...but he did bring his son....which is again SO NOT MY TYPE...arghh why can't my mum invite potential guys for me??Haha I dun that mind if it was like some cute and smart guys.....even my mood to cook also will improve lah..and the food would be more delicious (not to say it wasn't delicious enuff lah..haha perasan-case here) Is that really asking for too much??? :D:D

Ok back to the food now...had a 3 course meal (gwailo style know my mum and her western ways)...had appetizer, main meal and dessert...doesn't the appetizer look so cute??hehe wanted to make it bigger but couldn't find the pastry for it...they either sell the freaking huge ones or the freaking small ones..urghhh so in the end i got the small ones lah since it is kinda cute!!! Then came the question of what me going to put in it...but finally decided on ham/mushroom/cream in half of them and chicken curry in the other half.... :D yes me a fusion type person so half gwailo half asian lah... everyone liked it (not to be perasan lah but they did!)...was finished even before the main meal was cooked!!! (and there was like 24 of them all together and I ate like 2?)

Then came the main meal of lamb cutlets and tuna baked pasta...mmmmmm yes the pasta was full of delicious melted cheese...and I even took the courtesy of putting prosciutto (is super nice when is crunchy with melted cheese....heavenly!!) and obviously knowing me who can't bloody hell now we end up with quite a lot of pasta for tmr dinner..hehe (and yes it was really nice just that I made a whole panful of baked pasta...or more like the whole pack of pasta was used..hehe)...and yes I made the salad too...well I might be a meat eater but seeing how sweet and caring I am, I made salad for the rest...and as you can see I obviously had to put some stuffs inside to make it a little less healthy (hence the croutons and cheese). After I made the salad I then realise that I totally forgot to buy salad sauce so I decided to make my own (I'm just so bloody creative!)..made 2 some more (since I scared ma they might not like one...) of the sauce I made was this japanese style one (miso with bonita, seaweed and sesame seed)...really nice I have to say...haha then the 2nd one I made was more Italian style (with extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper and dijon mustard) so yes it was a little hot..hehe but nice nonetheless...:) (yeah I'm just so full of myself today)

and of course the best part is dessert!!! that is my special dessert..hehe ok lah not my special lah...I did copy it from one of Jamie Oliver recipe lah...but I did modify it a bit (wait a lot lah actually)...haha basically the bottom green stuff is midori (which after eating can just drink..hehe ahhhh alcohol)..then had some cake crumbs, mandarin orange, jelly, custard and delicous cream...mmmmm and need I include the huge spoonfuls of contrieu around (aka alcohol loaded)...bro's fav..hehe (obviously his was minus all the alcohol lah...was replaced with extra helping of cream!!!rather give him with the dessert than him going to the can of cream and pressing it in his mouth..gross kid)

so all in all dinner was good (obviously since I cooked). The company we had was alrite lah (as i mentioned lack of leng chai!) :D so after a cooking galore day...I'm ready to just go zzzz now and get my beauty sleep....haha nitezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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