Sunday, May 7

Good Morning World!

*yawn* ah heavenly sleep....extremely lazy to get out of my bed...not to mention I can hear my mum nagging and scolding my brother outside so I'll just stay in my room till it cools down... I have this sneaky feeling today I'm so going to endure loads of nagging (one of the absolute downside of having mum's friends coming over...meaning everything we normally do stops!!!and to think they are just coming for dinner...(which needless to say my smart mum invites ppl for dinner when she ain't the one cooking!)

Went to watch MI3 yesterday with haramoni, Kaka and Deasy. The show was alrite but truthfuly speaking I so cannot stand Tom Cruise!!!! not to mention the show was so long and draggy!! But not too bad lah I give thumbs up for Maggie Q performance.. :D (atleast she didn't only have 10 sec appearance which was what I expected..haha).. Before the show haramoni and I even manage to do our grocery shopping in record time..haha less than 10 minutes (felt like we were in the Shop Till You Drop game show the way we hurried to get our stuffs and paid...wicked fun).. After the movie went out for dinner (at 9pm!) at Kingsford...ordered the king prawn combination noodles to share between 2 of you can see the prawns looks big (and actually quite tasty and yummy...and the noodles was so crunchy the way I like it) however I think the prawns are like a bit too small for the dish to be called king prawn combination noodles!! Like I would expect the prawn to be gigantically huge and is not !!

Anyways proceeded back home after sending haramoni back...and got a call on the way from Jon asking me what time I'm coming home (yes I'm 24 years old and still getting a call from a 10 year old boy at 10pm asking my whereabouts!!!a.k.a I NEED A LIFE) I told him I would be back in 5 minutes..and when I was back lo and behold the mahjong table is set and I was forced to endure 2 hours of excruciating mahjong session....which needless to say was ended when I greatly bancrupted everyone (twice by the way)..haha I was that bored till I even took a picture of the winning tiles of the night (yes this is what happens when you stop me from using my laptop while playing mahjong!) I even added the photo of my brother so in deep concentration of the game (with his lucky charm balloon too which he was sucking the whole nite!and didn't help him at all!!:D)

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