Saturday, May 20

J.A.W.S. Concert (note: Alex is sooo cute)

First of all I need to mention that NO I WASN'T THE OLDEST PERSON THERE!! :) you could actually see old uncles and aunties there!!!! Anyways went to the J.A.W.S concert yesterday (stands for Justin, Alex, Wilfred and Stephy..I thought it was quite cute the way they put their first initials together to give the concert name).. A short conclusion of the concert for the impatient ppl who doesn't want to read on, the concert was VERY GOOD....ok I give it a 8/10 the lack of 2 marks is due to Stephy's performance...not trying to be mean or anything but hmmm it would have been better if she put more "feel" into it...

The concert started off late (how so typical) with 4 of them singing together. Then they started to take turns to sing with each of them singing a total of 6 songs solo... Then Alex and Stephy sang one duet together (their new song from their new movie) and Justin and Wilfred sang a love song together (I would stress on the love part since they were acting like couples, holding hands and extremely cute). Haramoni was like going on about Alex and Stephy being a couple and was like saying if they hold hands during the concert that would mean they are not a couple...And they HELD HANDS!!! haha so presume they are not a couple??!!!hmmm..:D:D I guess one good thing I like about this concert is that they are 4 of them so in the end we just get all of their good songs!!! :D although I really do need to complain about their costumes...they never changed...cis!

The best performance of the night I have to say would go to Justin...his voice is sooooooooo good...really like it so much...although he started off really shy I think he became quite open in the end...but he is so short!!haha if I was him I wouldn't be standing next to tall people..When he was in the crowd you seriusly can't see dwarf....but as I mentioned best performance of the night *clap clap*. Was the last solo performance too so yup most important performance of the night.

Alex Fong performance was also very good...HE IS SO CUTE!!!and need I mention his face is so bloody smooth??!!ok apart from that one pimple he has on his face..haha yes I was staring closely at it to look for deformities, his face is like perfect (as what haramoni said his nose is so perfect!!!). Although I have to admit he needs to move a little bit more when he sings..look a little bit kayu lah..and didn't really like it when he was singing some of his "supposed" duet songs with Stephy solo...dunno why he did that...but then again since Stephy performance was quite bad yesterday, me got no complains..haha get to hear more of his voice and see him...:)

One thing I have to admit that before this concert I was like hmm who is this 4th person I've never heard of Wilfred Lau. But in the concert I have to say his voice is very good too!!sounds almost the same 90% similarity with Eason definately got to get my hands on some of his songs asap...waiting for haramoni to pass to me...I have to say that he is extremely professional, he was in the middle of singing this song (extremely badly!!!) and he stopped the whole performance and apologised and started all over again in yes very very professional....I like....:D:D

As I mentioned Stephy's performance was the worst. Like don't get me wrong I like her voice, and well she did sing them in tune yesterday..but there was just something wrong about it...I think she is seriusly exhausted or something but she definately looked like she needed SLEEP and MORE SLEEP!! the whole time she was performing you could see that she wasn't too happy and most of her smiles was pretty nope didn't like her performance at all....

Well the concert ended with some really nice songs all 4 of them sang.. Infact throughout the concert they sang a few songs together: 明年今天 by Eason Chen, 無賴 (mor lai) by Ronald Cheng, one really old popular song by Hacken Lee (no idea the name) and some other songs which I have never heard off so can't tell..:D:D I do have limited chinese vocab ok??

After the concert, we then proceeded to the after concert party at Shape Bar at the Shark Hotel (Yes JAWS means they have to do the party at Shark Hotel..) we reached there around 11.30pm...had a drink...ONLY ONE DRINK ok???had to drive..haha and waited and waited for the stars to arrive....and obviously we entertained ourselves by picture taking since they took so long to come...but at 1.30am they finally came..yes 1.30 freaking am...sheesh dun they need to sleep??and the worst part was they stayed only for like 20 minutes max???they came just say hi and give autographed posters to some dance winners (which consisted of gwailos whom I can gurantee you didn't know who the hell they were..wasted!!!!!) although I have to say I was so happy since I managed to shake Justin's hand TWICE (firm handshake too by the way not those cheap touch...although haramoni got 3...sheesh). The pics I got from here was pretty bad and shaky since imagine being shoved,pushed and squashed while taking pictures...not to mention some idiot spilled beer on my hand...yeewwwwww..too bad coudln't get to shake alex's hand since the abundance of drunkard screaming female's was a little a lot too overpowering...all in all it was ok not too bad manage to get some video shots of them so yes I can drool slowly at home...can't put it up since i dunno how to put video up..sorry...:) for my own private collection..haha..Reached home about 3am and I'm totally bloody hell tired now although I woke at noon..:D ah well just another lazing day after a great night out.....

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