Wednesday, May 3

Me, Slacker, Bludger and Bum

Oh wait all 4 of them are actually me, me and me...haha at home right now instead of in the nice to sleep...too bad was disturbed for 1 hour since I have to fetch my brother and mum to school and work respectively..but came back prop my wholeself on the bed and under the comforter again...ahhhhh heaven....woke up..took the initiative to call the lab to say I'll be in late (was already getting ready an excuse)..but no one picked up!!!! WHAT THE??!!! and I thought I was the lazy one...haha but then again I forgot the part where I am usually the one picking up the phone in the lab..haha ah well...who cares doubt they would notice if I come in at 1...*fingers crossed* got my whole day planned out...go in at some tissue culture work then update my long forgotten and neglected lab book then go for the stupid seminar (see I atleast still go for the bloody seminar) then come home and bludge again..ahhhhh what a heavenly day!!!!

came home quite late yesterday...or should I say early today?? :D was out with is her last day here...ah well but it was good to have caught up with her although it wasn't very long....but men out of all my high school friends she and I are definately the only ones who have yet to change a.k.a. we are still bloody immature and childish!!! but then again...i really think is for the better.... anyways thought I would add in this really old photo we took together last time when we were still in high school and a picture we took yesterday for comparison...I bet anyone can guess who is Mary and Me!!! :D haha still look the same right????

Went to Pancakes on The Rocks yesterday for supper (I so love this place just because is one of the few 24 hours place in Sydney). From now on I'm only going to The Rocks on weekday easy to find parking, free and we don't have to line up for food..(actually we were there around 10pm...hehe) but so much nicer with no ppl!!! Food yesterday was usual not too bad..haven't went to the pancake place in ages (because I finished all the buy one get one free coupon)..but since Mary had this huge craving for cakes, so here we are..we had the famous "Hot and Troppo" pancake (the one with the nuts) and the "The Ultimate" not too bad but hmm I love chocalates better)pancakes..yummy....drooling now thinking about it... :D After a big loads of carbs for supper we decided to walk around the Rocks area..needed to rest my bloated tummy too...then took some pics again of the Sydney Opera House at night...didn't bother walking there though..too lazy..haha

On a more serius note now: the guy fixing my computer called yesterday...and guess what I apparently dropped the magnet right on my HD....and i thought it was just on my hai really praying there is nothing wrong with it now...hai why why why me so smart????

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