Monday, May 15

Mother's Day Traditional High Tea

I just realise I didn't write a post yesterday!! :D was THAT BUSY!!! spent my morning catching up on my sleep....haha guess what?I managed to catch up on 12 hour of sleep at last...ahhhh so nice so nice.... afternoon took my mum and brother to the Globe Bar which is in the Observatory Hotel in the city....I have to say that I thought it was one of those dodgy hotels but my god it was so so posh of those hidden hotels that is really nice I have to say (since I always think that Sydney Hotels are a bit not up to good standards..:P which is seriusly quite true)..then I found out that the hotel is actually a 5 star hotel..hehe ok I didn't know that when I booked it...and it was rated 11 in the world's top luxurious hotel...ok great I really need to do my homework next time..Anyways went there for high tea at yes you can imagine I was already extremely hungry and ready to gobble down anything that is set in front of me..haha

The Globe Bar I have to say doesn't look anything like a bar..more like a really posh and traditional feel place..decorated with those old stuffs and there was like so many book cases filled with ancient yes very English looking....which is like so so good since I know my mum likes those type of things...anyways we had a really good seat next to the book shelf so haha managed to take some posing photographs....not putting those up obviously due to shy-ness...haha bulll shit lah...I'm just lazy ok?!

The ordering system is relatively urmm idiot proof..just say how many ppl you got (urmm wait they can actually count by themselves)...haha all we had to do was choose our own pot of tea out of like god knows how many choices there was..but me as usual just went for the simple one because I had no food in my brain so can't think..haha went for earl mum went for this lemon grass tea (which truthfull speaking tasted more like tom yum laksa to me...hehe) brother had an english breakfast tea..(yup my brother knows how to be english too..he even drinks with his little pinkie bloody cute) thing I have to mention is about their was all yes they have my 2 thumbs up....seldom we see places give silverware..and especially those polished yup extremely good presentation..mum had a special glass of champagne...lucky her..haha

The food and drinks came urmm super quick...haha thank can be seen from the pictures, the food came in 3 tiers...there was like scones, sandwiches and cute little finger desserts....haha yes CUTE!!! the scones were served with fresh (and I mean fresh delicious) cream and homemade strawberry jam (I hate strawberries but the jam was so so good)....and oh I SO LOVE SCONES..yummmmm....there was 4 different varieties of sandwiches: Curried egg, smoked salmon, ham & cheese and cucumber....all I have to say simple but yes nice...and need I mention that the desserts were heavenly?!!!haha esp the pecan nut dessert which was like smotthered with butterscotch sauce...drool......

:) and yes the last picture is the washroom..come on men any wash room that has nice hand rolls, mouth wash and newspaper deserved to be mentioned ok..haha I so love hotel's washroom!! and yes I was playing with the mouth wash...even my brother went and played with it..crazy boy....haha he was like going around after that asking us to smell his breath..gross gross gross....haha...and he keeps thinking his teeth is whiter since it was whitening mouth wash.... SUCKER!!!

After our extremely posh tea in the city north, not used to it around here, we proceeded to go to south of the city to go to Paddy's Market..and yes you guess it mum was like comparing..haha one so nice and posh the other urmmm like what a market looks like (yes imagine the fish part with the smell...) yes had a very eventful day yesterday..even managed to catch up on like 3 episodes of drama....still a long more way to go......I need more time!!!

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