Thursday, May 25

My current favourite dish....

Ah another food pic... Why is it I feel like I haven't been putting enuff food pic up??? Anyways that was what I ate yesterday. Don't know why nowadays feeling so darn lazy to cook (wait maybe is because I AM LAZY?!) but atleast there is no complains from the 2 fussy eater at home!!! infact my bloody brother is so freaking lucky!! He gets to bring that to school the next day to eat for about lucky...normal kids at his school gets only sandwiches..haha..and I have to mention that my brother is popular in school due to his variety of lunches (the most popular one is sushi so far..but no way me making for him again..since the last time I made sushi for his lunch..he only ate half of what I made and gave the other half away!!!!what do I look like??canteen cook???!!!) but anyways this is one of the easiest dish to make..just get the beef, sukiyaki sauce, onions (and loads of them..yum), egg and rice..and of course anything else you want to add inside (for eg like me crab meat...haha..I'm so creative..*yes yes stop puking already there!!was j/kidding!!*

Come to think of it, talking about my brother's lunch, urghhh reminds me of my extremely late lunch today..sorry ya achima making you wait so long...had so many things to do today...and I blame it all on my sueprvisor...Was suppose to talk to him for like 30 minutes today and it dragged on for 1 and half hour...which seriusly throw all my experiment time in chaos!!! I had like 3 experiments planned (with lunch in the middle of course) and all of them are not suppose to coincide!!! but due to the extremely long talk I had with my supervisor (which means more more more work!!!), all 3 of the experiments had to be done simultaneously...was so tired by the end of it..luckily didn't stuff any up...but running up and down left and right is bloody hell not funny!!! and I didn't even manage to finish some of them...couldn't be bothered to stay in late today since I have to cook dinner at tmr is going to be another busy day!! (but atleast this time I will plan it to make sure I can have lunch!!!) yes my life goes around lunch time!!I NEED FOOD!!!! hmm come to think of it, tmr I'm going to the lab at like 7.10am!!!urghh I so hate FRIDAY's NOW...stupid brother and his trombone lessons (doesn't anybody need to sleep??!!!)...achima & harmoni, do you guys want to meet for breakfast tmr?? :D banana bread with loads of butter??!!! *droollllll*

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