Monday, May 29

My tummy is so satisfied!!!!

I know I know I just went to Ichi Ban Boshi not long ago...think maybe 2 weeks back..and here I am again going there again..I can't help it!!! I LOVE RAMEN!!!! and this time I went there for lunch...haha seldom go there for lunch except on those days of course I decide to ponteng lab a bit and go out for nice lunch...but anyways surprisingly was there about 12.45pm and there was not many phewwww didn't need to wait long...haha...and guess what??!!! I WAS THE ONE OF THE LUCKY 15 HUMAN YESTERDAY THAT GOT TO EAT THEIR TONKATSU RAMEN!!!! MMMMMmmmmmm... I have by the way only ate it once in my bloody entire time in Sydney (and hehe yup it was one of those days I ponteng lab...)...the reason why I said I was the one of the lucky 15 human to eat it is due to the fact they only make 15 bowls of this ramen A DAY!!! yes the broth for this ramen is so bloody damn good and damn nice and only 15 is made a day!!! yes Sunday the 28th of May is a very good day!! My tummy is so bloody satisfied!!!

So anwways here is the pic of the so yummy, rich and heavenly tonkatsu ramen...look at how rich the soup is...seriusly is like as is they boiled the soup for days!! I think the decription of this noodle was soup rich in collagen and fibre..very good for health..haha and men it tasted absolutely fattening!!!haha but do I look like a give a shit??haha so satisfied...and of course the lunch was topped up with my green tea cuppocino...yes I'm bloody addicted to it!!!

After lunch managed to do some shopping!!! Needed some face cream and LIP BALM!!! My lips was starting to feel like sand!! urghh hate the feeling...but atleast I manage to get all of those...then walked around and went to a few cd shops and haha bought for 10 bucks the Leo Ku's Concert Album!!! haha yes I am bloody satisfied get to see him sing..haha got 29 songs in there some worth it men...though DAMN I WISH I WENT TO HIS CONCERT LAST YEAR!!! arghhh *crossing fingers* please please come again.. :D the concert I watched was quite good..all the stage preparation and his costumes were great (and I have to include he look damn good with grey hair and the costumes..makes him look so like those anime ppl...hehe...ok shall stop drooling here..hehe

p/s he looks damn cool here lah!! (the cd cover)

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