Thursday, May 4

Nicole's Top 5 of the stupidest things I have ever done (well the ones I can remember that is)

Yeh another one of Nicole's Top 5!!! :D I think I should just use this blog as a countdown site too... anyways feeling really lazy now actually *yawn* just woke up from my afternoon nap which I have not taken for so long...haha yup you guess it right..I ponteng half a day in the lab to go home to sleep (but atleast I went in for half a day right??? Needed to fill in my casual time sheet so i can get $$$).. and guess what I was even so free I took my mum out for lunch..yes just to be a good daughter..not too bad a lunch 19 bucks for like 2 pieces of naan (one cheese and one garlic) and 3 curry dishes...(I can just imagine my malaysian friends reading this and squirming....what??? RM50 for those??) One of the reason why I'm so bored as you can see is that I haven't got back my computer yet!!! which is under my list of top 5 so read on...

No 5 yes I find this stupid and funny..but it involves food!! haha and i will never forget it because I was so so hungry that day!!! anyways what happened was I was warming up this sausage roll (yummm sausage roll..droollll) in the microwave...*ting* done so me greatly went and take it to eat it...without wearing gloves by the way...and it was so bloody freaking hot!!! anyways i took it on the glass plate and it was so hot till I just dropped it...but my oh so great reaction manage to save the sausage roll..(hooray) but I broke the plate (a nice one too)....but the story didn't end there...the sausage roll itself was so hot...after I manage to regain some sense...I dropped the sausage roll..on top of all the broken here I am standing and staring at my sausage roll and the plate on the floor...(needless to say I decided then to just eat instant noodle for my smart eh?)

No 4 This one I'm sure a lot of ppl that come to my lab to visit me have experience...but ah well I already calculated I've already did it about 4 times..haha and it would be falling off my lab chair!!!yes literally dumping my ass on the seat and having the seat roll away and my ass ends up on the floor!! and for your info the distance is quite far since the lab chair is a bloody high chair!!!!!! urghhh all the dangerous things in the lab

No 3 This is one that ppl should read and not do...good warning for you guys... NEVER EVER PUT PARKING TICKET BETWEEN YOUR LIPS...come on men you guys do it right???when you get a ticket you straight clip it between your lips while looking for parking..or in my case drop my brother...and when i tried taking it came out and on it free sample of my lip skin and my precious blood...and yes you could actually see the skin on the ticket!!!! not to mention my oh so painful lips after that..the worst part was I had to put the ticket in the machine to get there goes my DNA into some parking machine....shit shit shit

No 2 No 2 and 3 are actually quite interchangebble since I really do not know which one is more stupid...but to me I think this one is since I had to live with the scar ugly...but the 2nd more stupid thing I did was to watch television and resting my chin on a bottle (this is a good and pure example why we should not be doing so!)..forgot how long I was resting my chin on it for but the next day lo and behold I have a nice round scar on my chin that lasted a week!!!! and yes it was bloody freaking obvious (some even went to the extent of saying a love bite..urghhh) and no I couldn't cover it because the great Nicole Tan is not a bloody owner of any sort of cosmetics (not even a lipstick!!!!)

No 1 Dropping a freaking 10 dollar magnet on my oh so precious (imagine me imitating Smeagol from Lord of The Ring saying this) laptop... or should I say dropped it accurately directly on the hard drive???so yes my hard drive decided to commit suicide already after breathing for a little while longer (just to enable me to backup all the necessary stuffs) and it is dying...*sob sob* it served me so well these past 3 years...ah well now I have to spend 150 bucks to get a new hard drive...(well atleast is higher capacity..10G more than my current dying one)...but I MISS MY LAPTOP SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

There now I've finished ranting about my stupid stuff..haha shit I am so stupidly smart eh???

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