Thursday, May 18

Nope...string of bad luck is still going on...JUST KILL ME!

It is 10am right now, a freaking hot Thursday morning (like the past few days was nice and cooling..and today freaking the bloody hot) and I'm in my as usual fowl mood...(urmm wait let's that doesn't sound right..haha me just in fowl mood lah ok...not my usual but fowl enuff) right my strings of bad luck is not ending yet...arghhh I should seriusly just go shut myself in a room and don't come much more easier...:) so let's continue from yesterday numbering system so I can compile a nice long list of THE WEEK THAT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER

10) Wednesday again: 3pm..yeh the time when I can actually start to look at my western membrane and pray that I got the right tube (reference number 7 previous post) went into the dark room (i so love this room..only room in the whole building you actually can get some peace...dark with red lights and you can lock the door..haha) started developing the film where i exposed my membrane to...DELIGHT!!! I've got bands coming up meaning I did use the right tube...(woo hoo my sixth sense was right) finished up the developing then started to look more closely at the film to see what my results are like...oh crap shit...the bands that came up are not the right size!!!! shit shit can this be??I'm detecting freaking small proteins and all the big proteins didn't even come up!!( usually is the other way round is hard to detect small proteins and bigger proteins come up super easily) oh eat shit eat shit meaning whole experiment didn't work..yes I spent 2 days working on an experiment with so many misfortunes which I surprisingly overcame and now the experiments didn't work...ARGHHHHH.................WHY WHY WHY???!!! and the best part of it is I ran out of antibody which means I have to wait like 2-4 weeks for it to arrive before I can repeat this experiments again...oh I really need to eat shit now...arghhhhh

11) Wednesday again: Ok went to ask someone from the lab for her plasmid so I can hopefully start on my cloning...(backtrack this experiment is a week overdue by the way...was suppose to do it last week but I had to wait for this particular person to give me her stuffs because my supervisor asked me to..) I should also include that there are 2 ways of doing this particular to do the hard way which I'm more than willing to do which is a little bit more expensive and I dun have to rely on this particular person OR I rely on this person's stuff and do the faster and cheaper way...obviously I prefer the first way because I DUN TRUST THIS PERSON'S STUFF but my supervisor forced me to do the 2nd FINE NO COMPLAINS...anyways so went to this person ask for her stuffs again (yes i go to see her every freaking day for the whole week just to ask for stuffs which by the way I DUN GET!) and she was explaining to me how I should do it in another way..which I was extremely reluctant due to the shortage of machines doing it..aka meaning have to delay a lot since the machine is quite fully booked..but fine I'll do it since is your stuffs I'm book the machine for Thursday morning (which by the way has a long list of ppl lining up to use the machine)... but ok fine I'll do it on thursday and delay my experiments again...meaning thursday would be a really running around day...die die die

12) Thursday: Woke up this morning..still in bed..realised I have one of the worst headaches in the point me lying down also can feel the headache..arghhh just a sign today is going to be a horrible horrible dragged myself out of bed...went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower..look in the mirror...OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! MY FOREHEAD HAS LIKE 3 FREAKING PIMPLES WHICH IS LIKE SO BLOODY OBVIOUS!!!NOT TO MENTION IT IS IN THE SHAPE OF A SMILE!!! freaking hell this is really retribution for drawing so many smileys on ppl's paper last time (for those victims reading this stop laughing!!!) so yes my face is like exploding with pimples..ok maybe just the forehead..which by the way is so wrong timing since haramoni and I was planning to go hiao on Friday at the how to take pictures like that with the stars if we have pimples?? arghhh this sucks men...hopefully is dark and no one can see..haha then when pictures come out...adobe photoshop here I come!!

13) Thursday again: came into the lab started my experiments...or more like one experiment first to do with radiation...since that is like the longest experiment since I have got a 6 hour started that..realised there is a log in book in the TC room for it now..shit now I have to write my name in the book..(by the way I'm the 1st one) so meaning next time they find contamination inside easier to point finger at me!!oh eat shit lah...not like I'm the one contaminating stuffs..but then again since there are like so many bitches around here who likes to point finger today...better be more a usually take 10 minute work ended up to be 30 minute since I have to fill in the book and be more careful with my stuff..arghh waste of time only...

14) Thursday again: yes waiting for my good old lab mate to come to pass me the stuff to do my work in the machine..10 minutes has passed in my booking time..she finally comes..good now I can quickly set it up before I get cursed by the long list of ppl after me...then she came and told me that I can't do the experiment...WTF?!!!!! it seems dear old annoying fart realised it wouldn't work since the stuffs is for the wrong thing and for my stuff it wouldn't work?!!! LIKE WHY THE SHIT CAN'T YOU TELL ME THIS EARLIER I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU IT WOULDN'T WORK!!!!!shit shit I waiting 2 freaking days waiting for no reason when by the way if I have just done the conventional way I COULD HAVE ALREADY FINISHED CLONING THE BLOODY GENE BY NOW!!!!! this is plus together those days you wasted my time on..arghh eat shit eat shit!!!!! and yes I'm going to have to cancel my booking for the already damn busy machine..let's just hope no one starts to complain about me booking machine and not using it....ruining my good reputation only (and yes I do have a good reputation here...or I try to) so i proceeded to just forcing her to give me the stuffs and I'll do the rest...too tired of always looking for her when she half the time does her dissapearing act (yes she dissapear to god knows where everytime..alhtough when achima is here I usually see her back..haha) SO this means that I'm only going to start my cloning today or more like this evening since I have to leave it overnight..and the whole broader meaning of this is instead of having finished the damn cloning if she haven't bring me around a merry go round, I HAVE TO COME BACK THIS WEEKEND TO DO WORK!!!!yes I GET FREAKING PISSED OFF WHEN MY WEEKEND IS WASTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EAT SHIT EAT SHIT!!!!!!

15) Thursday again: checked my credit card bill today...since is pay day..haha and yes apart from the horrible $$$ i see spent on everyone but me...but got used to it so no point bitching..then noticed arghhh the bloody optus charged me twice for my phone shit idiots...means now i have to call them and get my money back..and if there is one company i hate calling is optus!!!they make me wait so freaking long i tell you is enuff time for me to shit and shower!!!urghhh and for your info I'm on the phone waiting for them to pick up right now as I type..yes i can multi task although is not considered multi tasking since I'm just listening to like shit sounding music and advertisement...and my waiting time at this moment is 14minutes 56 seconds...

ahhhh....up to number 15 in 4 days...hai i wonder what these next 3 days would be like...I'm so looking forward to it...JUST KILL ME SOMEONE QUICK!!!!

edit: 1.50 pm nope luck still down..

16) Thursday again: About to make some fresh agar plate to grow my bacteria colonies for tomorrow...was asked by the fellow lab mate on why want to waste time making the plates (she did offered some of her made 2-3 months ago plate..but urmmm for me no thanks..I like mine fresh...haha) so yes I proceeded on to make 10 plates when I only needed 2...but hey we will never know right since I'm relying on her for my stuffs i might as well play it safe and make extras.. but the bad luck comes in when I took out my agar from the water bath and went to get some ampicillin (antibiotics to prevent unwanted stuffs growing) and realise some freaking panjang tangan ppl who stole my stash of ampicillin from my box!!!!what the shit stupid idiots who can't make their own I gumpily had to go and dissolve some ampicillin for myself which took me like 10 minutes.. and obviously as i'm already in my bad luck week...after aliquoting the ampicillin realise shit I took my agar out of the water bath and left it in the hood..aka eat freaking shit it is no longer in liquid form but in solid form..arghhh!!!I really should be condemn from the lab.. so now I have to make new agar broth and autoclave them..aka another 1 hour of waiting...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I curse thee who stole my ampicillin stash in the first place hope you have diarrhoea for a whole week..nah make that a whole month...urghh


GhOsT said...

expect good times soon... you cant be down all the time!

Nicole Tan said...

haha thanks..crossing my finger my bad luck streak is over...pray pray pray