Tuesday, May 2

One for the postcards: Sydney Night Scenery

<----- Good pic eh??? I finally managed to figure out (urmm actually not me lah but a friend) how to take a bloody picture without it being blurry...:D And the secret is timer!!!haha should have thought about it earlier.. picture was taken from Mrs Macquarie Chair at the Botanical Garden..one of the best photo spot to go to in Sydney..since why bother going all the way to the opera house when you can't take a whole photo...and look now we get a whole shot of it with the harbour bridge... ;P the other photo is just to show the city lights at night...if you just focus properly on the picture you would see Sydney Tower in it...hehe

Can you guys believe this?? My whole body is still aching...and I'm having such a freaking bad headache right now...lack of sleep lack of sleep..even the coffee is not helping now...aiks I might be sensitised to is liao....came home late yesterday night was out with Mary (my old high school mate) and some of her friends...brought her to Hurricanes Grill (seriusly the best place to bring someone not from Melbourne...since you can't go wrong with it!!!so many ppl manage to only sit our butt down about 8.30!!! and ate at 9!!! is a big thing for someone like me who usually needs her dinner at 6.30!!!) Food was as usual really good....Ordered the chicken caeser salad (no I only love the chicken there...haha other ppl eat the salad), pork and lamb ribs and onion rings...yummmm...couldn't really take nice photos since it was dark...and not to mention I was too hungry!!!!!!haha but here are some earlier on pics I took from Hurricanes (yup I've been there so many times I actually have backdated photos!!!)

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