Tuesday, May 9

Paddington House of Pancakes....(finally)

(extremely backdated post...actual event took place on 18/3/06)....and no btw I do have stuffs to write about and bitching to do..but thought ok is about time I put this post up...(ever since I got the email from the good old pig who said this post wouldn't go up for a while...guess who??!! if you are reading this....yes this is btw a really subtle way of telling you to email me back you lazy bum!!!).. and for you blind guys who haven't noticed, I actually took the time to compile the picture nicely and load it together (save more the loading time, but making me spend more time compiling the pics!! but since I was like THAT BORED yesterday thought I would give it a try...)

So back to my extremely backdated post, we had brunch at Paddington House of Pancakes at The Curve on a nice Saturday afternoon..forgot who suggested it but it was quite a nice brunch (although the pig very late!!!and to think she stays like urmm 5 minutes away???not to mention we did call her to wake her up..AND SHE FELL BACK ASLEEP!!!PIG!! yes I still remember!)...anyways since as usual I can't make my mind up on what to eat (I wanted both savoury and sweet stuff....I'M SO GREEDY!)..managed to con Vern to share with me..haha so got to order both...we had the Full Monte Breakfast Set (all my favourite stuffs on one plate) and this super filling wrapped pancake dessert (ok I forgot what it is called which was super duper sweet and drool so yummy)...My darling and Mei San had the lamb chop with pancakes (such weird combo but extremely mouth watering!) and they shared the pancakes for dessert...my dear old piggie had the extremely cute and adorable mini pancakes with fruits and ice cream (the mini pancakes was so bloody cute about the size of a 20 cent coin...but nah looked too healthy for me)..Look so huge and as you guess it piggie didn't finish her food..haha

After the brunch ended (with me there bugging piggie to come to PD with my darling and Vern..which she kept on rejecting even after I bribed her with Tim Tams!!!she eats them and still refuse to come to PD!!!!urgh..NO MORE TIM TAMS for you next time), half of us proceeded to PD for our urmm drinking session..which pictures from that would be posted up in another extremely backdated post in the future (yes this one would really be in the future..)


sleepyhead said...

excuse me, allow me to disarm all allegations against my poor self. ;p

u r the greatest PIG my dear. its ur nick. shant hav the heart to steal it from u. ;p

n i did reply ur email la u biAtchy biAtch u. just bcos i take more than 5 seconds to reply u doesnt mind i'm slow. ;p

n i'm no lazy bum, i'm just anaemic!!! which explains my sluggishness. hee hee hee.

Nicole Tan said...

haha urmmm compare the name Nicole and sleepyhead..i think is quite obvious whi is the PIG!!!! and wah what biatch here biatch there ah??haha you took more than 5 sec to reply ok...and oh please anaemic my foot!!!

Anonymous said...

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Nicole Tan said...

thanks to whoever you are

Anonymous said...

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