Friday, May 5

Something sweet and nice dedicated to my dearie cuz

Yeh My computer is back in action...or should I say a computer is back in action but *sob* everything in it gone..All the stuff i downloaded over the years, all my games (do you know how heart breaking is that??esp when all my high scores are all gone), everything everything is here I am having to download everything again...But I thought I would drop in a nice sweet post dedicated to my cousin dear...since I'm stealing the pics from her site and putting it in here..I so need to get some lessons from her on how to prettify my pics...her site is definately worth looking at..loads of food pic and some movie reviews (would be better if there were chicks and leng chai to see lah...but ah well you can't ask for so much right??but my cousin is quite chick herself too so worth looking!) but here are the pics I conveniently took her from her site..Actualy event actually occured on the 11th of March (when i went back to Ipoh for a reunion dinner...and trust me when I said I was exhausted since I just got down from the plane and went straight to Ipoh!!!shower also didn't take let alone sleep!)

Anyways we then had dinner...was super yummy since I was like dying of hunger there!!!! the food took so bloody long to come out I remembered...we even calculated on average between each plate of dishes was 30 go figure out what time we left the place when we had dinner about 7.30pm (and no we didn't leave before 10!!) and yes I was cursing underneath my breath!!! :D lots of relatives came with all their kids or grandkids..which seriusly turned me off from having kids (not to mention there are like small kids not above 2 years old drinking shark fin soup and eating the pork knuckles..not fair!!!I could have ate more!!!!kids should just drink their milk and let me eat eat more!!!!)... So here are the pics labelled nicely by my dear old cousin (whom I is one of my closest cousin since we bitch and gossip so much together over the years!! she was my teacher..haha) so enjoy and don't let the saliva drool too much!!

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