Monday, May 8

The Surprising French Wicked Sense of Humour

This has got to be the few french humour I've seen. Like truthfully speaking, the french are never famous for their humour of any sorts..what really caught my eye at first was actually the label...the frog is so cute!!! Like come on men since when do they put cute labels on wine bottles (apart from the pics I took from Hunter Valley)?? When you actually turn the bottle around the note there was even cuter..or ok funny not cute..try enlarging the pic and reading the last few sentence..hilarious...this is what they should be doing next time..making cute label and something entertaining for me to read..makes ppl like me want to buy them more...but NO I DIDN'T BUY THIS BOTTLE OF WINE!! haha mum's friends who came over for dinner bought it at a nearby liquor store..and see it wasn't just me fascinated by it..(yes I get amused easily!)...and no none of the friends were leng chai..WASTED!!!!

As my last post mentioned had company for dinner...wasn't too much of a hard work since is just Bak Kut Teh (which incidentally I didn't really want to cook but my mum went and told everyone we were having that for dinner so was forced to make it)...started cooking about 4pm (could have been 5 but my mum kept calling back worried that I can't make it so force me cook...take this from a non cooking person!!)..not to mention kacau-ing me watching the korean movie with my leng chai in it called Wet Dreams 2 (AND NO IT ISN'T A PORN!!!)...dinner was just enuff (I'm just so great at estimating) and everything was finished... We had the bak kut teh (obviously) with loads of succulent pork and shitake mushroom in it, tofu-pok, vege (obviously I didn't touch that) and a mountain high yau char kwai (need I say how much i love that??? the picture showing the yau char kwai is just 3/4 of what I cooked..since while cooking I ate 1/4 of it haha) I SO LOVE YAU CHAR KWAI....esp with Kopi-O or soya bean...heavenly!! Sorry bout the bad quality pics but hey a bit pai seh lah take so many pics when this is supposed to be (actually mum's) formal dinner (gwailo style)...anyways dinner was finished with another one of my favourites black glutinous rice porridge (haha good translation eh for hak loh mai chok)..:D with loads and loads of about fattening day!!!I SO DON'T DARE TO WEIGH MYSELF FOR 2 WEEKS!!!! and if it not worrying enuff about my weigh (actually not worrying lah since I dun give 2 ****s) but arghhh shit I have 3 pimples today!!!!!(too much!!!not to mention I have so bloody itchy hands!!!die die die)

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