Wednesday, May 31

Tummy World War! Is it worth it or not?!

Haha who said Sydney can't get good malaysian food??!!! Oh wait that is me..haha but truthfully speaking so far I've not tasted any real authentic malaysian food here yet...But so far the place we went to yesterday Sinma Laksa House comes the closest..just by very little...(dun ask me why they call it Sinma lah ok...I really can't stand the Sinma in Malaysia..)

For those of you blind ones out there who can't notice my great masterpiece haha GO NOTICE IT!!! (yes Nicole is playing with her food again...haha and I did it all with my left over spring onions...I'm just so bloody artistic)...anyways was there with achima and harmoni on our weekly dinner on Tuesday (since I have 1 hour in between fetching my brother the annoying brat) in the end went to Sinma since achima finally decided her tummy is ok already (she had the turnip cake the last time and it gave her tummy ache for like a week I think) yeh went back there..order my usual turnip cake (like this has got to be the only malaysian dish here that 100% taste like the original..even has the fried pork lard to go with it..mmmm) and harmoni and that while achima had the nasi lemak which looks pretty good....and haha all 3 of us the hiao ones had the teh tarik....I STILL LIKE MY MALAYSIAN ONE BETTER.. (this teh tarik by the way cost me $3.5o and in Malaysia??hai dun ask)...

anyways went home everything ok..this morning the worse ever stomach ache at the worse possible time when I was sending my mum to work and brother to school..and it was such heavy you can imagine how much cursing I was making..come on men tummy ache here ok...dying liao....had to in the end go home do my business and take the bus to uni...not to mention LATE FOR WORK..and guess who is the first person I saw?? My BOSS!!!! on the street by the way he was walking out to the hospital I think...and there I am just coming in...hai (and need I say yesterday when I had to go off early to send my mum to work at 4pm my boss saw me too??!!! hai)

And now my tummy world war is starting again after lunch after I had this supposed baked chicken pasta which seriusly had so little chicken and loads of tuna!!! urghhh seriusly this tummy world war is worse than the one this morning...arghh..why why why?

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