Saturday, May 27

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

I have to say first that AT LAST nowadays the cinema is actually worth going to again!!!! Quite a lot of good movies lately..even today's newspaper was commenting on it... Da Vinci's Code, X Men, Pirates of the Carribean, last a place to waste my money on..haha

Anyways as mentioned, I went to watch X Men yesterday...I really liked the first 2 shows lah obviously so no matter what MUST WATCH this!!! so desperate until went to the extent of booking the tickets online just in case it was full...then had Kaka/Deasy/Mabel lining up to go to the cinema to get the seats (I SO HATE AUSTRALIA FREE SITTING SYSTEM!!!DAMN ANNOYING!!!) so far i think there is only one cinema that allocate sitting but is damn expensive..Now we are paying like $8.50 for a ticket...other places is like $ no choice...luckily we got good seats!

In summary, the show was quite good..but men seriusly quite dissapointing for me at part lah..well since I did like Cyclopes so much in the first 2 this show apart from the less than 5 minute part he had before he died, he is damn ugly in this show proves the point to me of I DO NOT LIKE SHABBY LOOKING GUYS!!! GUYS ARE SO MUCH MORE BETTER SHAVED!!! then another dissapointment of the show was Mystique...I really liked her character before although she was half bad..and in this show she only got like small parts where she was damn cool then what happens??she lost her power!!!!LIKE WHY WHY WHY?? I didn't mind Wolverine, Jean Gray (yeah she was suppose to be dead and came back alive!!) and Storm but I think this show this time is really focusing on Wolverine (which by the way I was reading there is going to be a spinoff of X Men and is all about Wolverine and how he came about..hai..)...and the rest of the cast??? either they die (eg Charles Xavier), lose power (Magneto) or is just bloody under developed characters (show a bit and that is it...atleast show more ma)...anyways was good that I watched it...haha can't wait for more movies now!!!!

Anyways after the show, came home and started another movie..haha nope not drama but movie...went to stream this taiwanese movie with Leo Ku in it...the movie itself was just bad men (the name of the show is Love Message) ..but Leo was so damn cute in it..haha hard to believe he is 34 years old lah..since he look more in the young 20's in it...haha but as I said the show is damn stupid/bad...(well atleast I'm honest!)..girl is damn ugly...haha should be me in it!!!haha..and yes my ears was really getting confused in the show since the person who uploaded the movie went and upload double audio at the same I was listening to cantonese and mandarin at the same time!!!!!thank god for SUBTITLES!!!!

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