Wednesday, June 7

Another day gone and still in Hiao mood....

I am not a hiao person actually is I don't know why nowdays me and Heidi keep going out and buy things!! haha this time ponteng a bit early from lab yesterday since supervisor not in..then met Heidi at her lab then went to the city to go look at some clothes, have dinner and watch Poseidon (it is after all Tuesday and we do save like a few dollars in movie ticket..hehe)

So after walking a few places to look at some trench coats for Heidi and not deciding to get anything (I obviously closed my eyes lah I am after all going to be broke with the rate me going)...haha then we went to have dinner at Seoul Ria...don't know why go there...Heidi just suggested it so haha no way me thinking anything else so ended up there...we ordered this hot pot with beef and glass noodles (really good must order the same thing again next time) then obviously ordered hehe my favourite rice cake with spicy sauce..mmmm i just love it...haha can't wait to go Korea to the stalls to eat that...:D and what else can I say about the side dishes??? one of the place that serves the best side dishes...they have the potato/radish, their jelly is really good too, they gave us kimchee (obviously), some fungus and also brocolli and cauliflower which I didn't touch..muahahha

After dinner we then went to Summit Shopping Arcade nearby..have to say they do have some cute stuffs there and is not too ex...and Heidi managed to get a dress..haha so she the hiao-est of all yesterday..haha can't wait too see her wear that out..really look damn korean....hmmm hey Heidi if you reading this, do you want to borrow my curler too at the same time???!!!! give you 100% effect of korean... :)

Poseidon was I have to say quite good..I after all do like some disaster shows...and this really is a huge disaster..after all out of like god knows how many ppl in the ship only 6 survived!!! like what the???!!! even the Titanic also more lucky than this!!! :) and it sort of make me think twice now whether want to take a cruise...feel like it...there is this cruise to Antartica and see the penguins...hehe ok will stop here I backside itchy want to go search for the cruise and see how much is it..

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