Tuesday, June 6

Another day of hiao-ing

Look ok me not a hiao person but dunno why the weekend was just full on hiao..haha yes went out again with heidi...achima was suppose to come but she ffk us at like the last hour or so..when it was suppose to be the day we go out hiao together to celebrate her hand in her thesis...hai...anyways heidi and I first went to yum cha...no no pics this time because too hungry liao and a bit pai seh lah take pics in front of so so many ppl...and I have to seriusly mention WE WALKED UP 4 FLOORS to the restaurant..because the lift was just so slow and there were so many ppl lah....luckily we only 2 ppl so manage to get a seat like immediately..then started to order and eat..haha too hungry already...and guess what??!!! between us both we ate like 9 dishes!!!! and hehe they only counted 7 because the person who gave us the 2 mango pudding forgot to chop the card..muahaha yes free mango pudding I'm so bloody happy..and full (no matter what I had to finish my free mango pudding..while heidi thinks free what so no need finish..hai...should be more like me!!)

after yum cha went downstairs to look at the shops and hai I bought another jacket...i just got a nice orange one the day before which I was wearing this time..and I saw this really nice and comfy pink coat...and it was like so perfect fit and the perfect length and it was so cheap so went and buy that..and serisuly is not like the winter here is so cold and I already got 2 new jackets to wear..hehe...arghhh I AM SERIUSLY GOING TO BE BROKE REALLY SOON!!!!! NO more shopping for the time being!!! seriusly....

after shopping we went to hide ourself and my spending spree and went sing K..haha yeah at last we went to the greenbox plus!! wanted to go there for a while..new and or once a karaoke place is not underground but upperground..haha it was alrite..although the room was like freezing cold!!!! luckily I had my nice new orange jacket..haha...the room had like plasma screen tv so yes got my thumbs up too...song wise there were a lot of choices and ppl I've never heard of...so it was good..forced heidi to sing as many leo and alex songs..and of course her justin one lah...haha even sang chinese duets with her..my alex and stephy songs lah..she translated all the chinese words for me..haha that was quite fun although her translation was only 50% accurate...haha but we had fun...though before we could get to more leo songs we were stopped because we already sang 2 hours..they should atleast have warned us our time was up...hai...

after K we went to Target to get Heidi's blanket and as usual lah me again bought something..hehe bought one of those ceramic curler...dunno what got over me..went home to try by the way and no it doesn't work..damn so going to return it when me free..hehe

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