Friday, June 9

Another One Of Those Gloomy Days

Today might be Friday but seriusly it just feels like Monday..I'm drop dead tired all thanks to the coffee I drank last night during dinner (no more backside itchy drink pearl coffee milk tea again after 7pm)... outside weather is so heavenly to sleep...raining like cats and dogs and the best part?? I had to wake up at 6.30... I so hate Friday morning now... too nice to wake up!!! is 10am now, my yawning count has been going up like nobody's business... I have no mood to do anything and all I can think of now is how damn freaking comfartable my bed is at home....*sob sob* I want to go home!!!!! Have no mood at all to start my work although I know I have a pile of them waiting for me.. not to mention still waiting anxiously for my sequencing results to come back..urghhh it should be in my mail box by now!!!! so so long!!!! atleast I can then plan my next week experiments!!!

Before I forget pics is of the 2 days dinner I cooked this week..the first one is the cantonese style yee mee...mmmmm I love that full of fat and carbs..haha alhtough mine only had chicken lah since I forgot to buy prawns and as my brother keep reminding me WHY NO LIVER??!!! GROSS I dun like liver duh!!!! be glad you get this for dinner and lunch in school!!!...the next one is my curry chicken wan tan mee...I had this craving for it don't know why..haha so love it..maybe should make more of it... :)

Ok seriusly need to get my ass off the the middle of writing this I counted I yawned more than 20 times liao and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open..let's pray I dun screw anything up today...must finish early go home and sleep before meeting some friends in Kingsford at midnight..muahaha watch World Cup... :)

p/s: I placed a bet in my centre's world cup betting let's pray and cross finger I win somthing..muahaha...anyone want to help me place a bet in TAB??? I shy go in...

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