Sunday, June 4

Belgian Beer Cafe (Alcohol fueled nite)

Ok back to my posting about my friday gila nite...haha yes after the Minus 5 experience a few minutes ago, we then decided to continue our bar nite at the Belgian Beer Bar Cafe on Harrington St....It was suggested by Kaka since she said the place had like loads and loads of beer choices...which sounded really interesting (which after stepping in I realise..urmmm I dun really like beer that much...haha darn!)

The place for Friday nite I have to say was not packed at all!!! we even found good seats so very lucky..then we went to order..and haha looking at the menu pic I took, yes what Kaka said was true there was like loads and loads of many choices!! I dunno which one to take!!! then I thought what the hell?? I'll just choose the one with the damn cool looking the picture is at the bottom right...but when I ordered it, was told that they only had like 2 of those type of glass and is already being used..damn!! so nope not going to order it...haha in the end settled for their recomendation a mixture of 2 beer which they called "Peach Mar Bush"..dun ask i dun even know what it means..hehe the misture was of a damn freaking bitter beer (12.8% alcohol volume) with a lighter sweet peach beer (around 4.5% alcohol volume)...I tried both the beer separately and I can say the 12.8% beer was damn damn damn horrible!!!! so bloody bitter but the peach beer was really quite yummy...and when mixed it was yummy..hehe...achima had the midori lemonade since she doesn't like beer (but in the end she drank the peach beer since it seriusly didn't taste like beer!), harmoni had the same thing I had since the mixture was for 2 ppl, then Kaka had the Hoegaarden (some lite beer I think...but taste quite ordinary but not too bad), Deasy had the lite Leffe (which looks sweet but doesn't taste that sweet...), Edwin had a raspberry wine called Bellevue which I have to say is the winner of the night..really really sweet and good..I like..hehe...then his brother Alex had the heavier version of Leffe (which looked more like draught...and tasted like coffee..urmm weird!!)

Anyways after drinks I had to leave early so I can catch the last bus home...which came the bad luck...after so much drinking and cold weather in one day, I obviously was in my pee-ing needed the toilet quite on the bus at 11.30 and I was like good should be back in time (around 12) to pee..haha no need tahan so long..but arghh in the middle of the journey the stupid bus driver went to knock another car side mirror!!! well I wouldn't even say knock lah since that mirror is quite flexible and it didn't break or anything maybe just scratch...and not to mention is an ugly old car men..but anyways the car driver was one of those bloody gwailo who got pissed lah so stop the bus (as in went in front of the bus and forced to bus driver to pull aside) then they had their verbal arguement for like a good 20 minute!!! and I was like WTF??!!! bloody hell going to be midnight..and I have to PEE!!!! anyways once settled then the bus proceeded on what I have to say was a damn freaking uncomfatable bumpy ride...hai...but manage to get home by 12.30..yes 30 minutes later than usual..and why??because of a bloody stupid bus driver and an annoying car driver..both of them should just go eat shit!!urghhh torturing me the innocent one....

and my not so good night didn't end there..hai had trouble sleeping the whole night...arghhh and I attribute it to one reason only...the belgian bar served cheap cheap cheap alcohol!!! arghh (btw it is not cheap about 10 bucks a glass) and in the end??? slept really little and woke up at 9am... (yes me woke up at 9 on a freaking saturday morning!!)...which come to think of it is bloody 2am now so i'm going off to sleep post about my hiao experience today of hair cutting...hehe once I transfer the photos...hehe nitez...ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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