Tuesday, June 27

Completely S.A.T.I.S.F.I.E.D.

Another sleepless night again...talk about love and hating world cup fever....was up all night watching 2 games....damn why why why must world cup be in Germany..the time difference is killing me!!!!!!!!!!

First match of the day: Italy vs Australia
Not too bad game....Italy was seriusly playing like shit while Australia is watever lah... I'm just so against Australia and yes for the whole game I was cursing Australia die die die....haha or better still suffer a humiliating defeat!!! all you should eat shit.. :D so imagine my delight when they lost..and better still at the 94th minute...like my cursing is working so well this time...muahhaha... And the best part of the day??!!! I am sitting in the lab the whole day hearing complains of how Australia was cheated etc etc....even the newspaper is complaining about the Socceroos, how they got cheated, how that should not have been a penalty..blablabla...and saying how good the Aussies played...like WTF???? If the aussies are that good how can they explain the fact that they can't even bloody hell score a goal when the other team is down with 10 players???!!!! (and Italy game was seriusly quite bad yesterday...although their defence was top class but still?!) But ahhhhhh at last the Socceroos are out of the World Cup...I can now grin the whole day (urmmm wait make that the whole week because I'm just so bloody satisfied!) and now I can get back to reading newspaper (for the past 2 weeks the newspaper has been like the worst off bias shit!!!! annoying!!!!)

Second match: Switzerland vs Ukraine
I should start off with saying DAMN BLOODY SWISS..make me lose my winnings from the previous game!!!urghh.... put faith in you for nothing....hai should have just boycotted you in the first place....make me rugi some more..hai....I was not very confident with the game and even bought extra time bet tickets just in case..and what did the swiss do???BURN ME!!! urghh...came penalty time I was like die swiss die die die... Ukraine is so much more better (not to mention they did give me quite a lot of earnings in their previous games)....should have supported them from the start...they definately deserve to win... :D unlike the bloody swiss idiots....urghhhh some more they are the same idiots who went and trash my Tae Guk warriors....cis bedebah is all I can say....

But woo hoo just one more night of playing and we get 2 nights off to get rid of my seriusly freaking high sleep debts....*yawn* I can't wait....so tired so tired....

On a brighter note: I have spent 1/2 of my winnings!!! and no I didn't spent it on the jersey (not my fault they always dun have S size...I know i know I'm damn bloody proud I'm still S..hehe) and no I didn't spend it on the LG Chocalate phone too (like was holding it during the weekend to feel it...and it is nice and slim but a bit too long for my liking...the advertisement were lying!!!they definately use a bloody big hand guy to film it..)....So what did I spend it on????6 whole sets of dramas!!!! haha well think about it atleast I would be entertained for the next few more months after World Cup ends and leave behind ample of free time... ;)

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