Monday, June 5

Hiao Day....

Backdated post: Event occured on 3/6/06

After a nite out drinking a little bit of alcohol, Heidi and I decided to go cut our hair in this korean place on Oxford St since the previous day we went there they were like quite friendly and gave us a 20% discount..

We started off with going for breakfast at Meeks Cafe since I haven't been there in a while and I have this craving for huge humongous breakfast (or should I say unhealthy?!) I so love bacon and sausages in the morning..hehe mmm and the bread there is really yummy...dunno what bread it is but is really thick and full of butter so extra yum...and we obviously took before shots of our hair cut just to see if there would be a diffrence or not.. yes we are quite hiao

Then we went to the hair saloon...Heidi got a korean girl doing her hair while I got this gay aussie guy...first time I trust gwailo cut my hair...quite scared lah but ah well no choice lah (by the way the guy cutting my hair was like telling me of his other evening job as a dancer and I was like urmm hmmm I wonder what type..and this is the same guy cutting my hair..hai)..anyway got our hair coloured and cut...not too bad lah I guess....quite like mine though trust me today is Monday and I can't get the same hair style now already...god knows how to flick it up and stuffs..haha even used a curler also cannot get same effect..hai...Heidi's one is really nice..she looks by the way extremely korean now much to her delight..hehe

After hiaoing our whole afternoon at the hair saloon we then proceeded to go to Mambo nearby because they were having a 40% discount..and I managed to get a skirt and a jacket at last..haha been wanting to get a nice jacket with bright colour..and guess what colour I got??haha bright orange!!! so nice and warm..I like.....hehe so cheap...better stilll.......

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Anonymous said...

heidi, u really look like korean! go perm your hair like that k, suit you!