Thursday, June 8

I Curse Thee Sydney Buses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel that I have not bitch for a let's dedicate this post to cursing Sydney Buses!!!! SO SO SO pathetic annoying and pissing me off big time...My blood is still boiling after this long!!!! Urghhhh..not only are they damn freaking inefficient but the drivers urghhh so f****** annoying!!!!

Today is just not the day for me...was waiting for the bus back home for like 10 minutes..and when the bus came, it refuses to stop because it was full (but actually still can put another few ppl in but it just refuse lah to stop) meaning I'm bloody hell stuck in the city and have to wait another hour for the next bus..yes another hour...So obviously me not just going to stand there like an idiot so I had to walk a block to another bus stop to take another bus that would stop me like 20 minutes walk from my house (or 5 minutes to beg my mum to come out of the house to get me)...

So took the other bus....suppose to stop at the stop near the place my mum will come and get me but guess what??!!!! It refuses to stop because there was road work (it was more than capable enough to stop not dangerous or anything but you know where it stoppped???It bloody hell stopped 2 bus stops away!!!!!!) so now I have to walk another 10 minutes to where my mum was suppose to pick me up I reach there and waiting for my mum to come (I called her like 5 minutes before I was suppose to reach and so had to run to the place because I was scared my mum was there first) went there and guess how long I waited for my mum??25 f****** minutes...yes I could have walked home but I made the mistake of telling my mum and it isn't very safe walking in the dark back to my place...(btw reason why my mum took so long she wanted to wait for her show to finish before coming..)


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