Sunday, June 18

Let's go Spanish tonight @ Spanish Terrazas

Backdated post: Dinner was on 16/6/06

Was a bit lazy to put up this post because of the whole dinner I only managed to take one picture...since I was so so hungry and just jumped into the food and not to mention I was a bit too busy listening to gossips and stories I totally forgotten about my picture taking opportunity..haha

I met up with 2 of my very old friends from first year of uni in UNSW (Michelle and Alice)...and for this dinner I dragged Heidi along with me since before dinner we went to Rebel Sports to look at the footie jerseys...hai so expensive still thinking whether worthwhile or not to buy..$129.99 bucks!!! need to win more bets before I buy I guess.. :) the dinner was actually a belated bday dinner for Alice bday since I missed her bday last month (well it so happen she had to have her bday dinner celebration on the day my Alex was performing..and ah well Alex comes first before friends?? :D I'm just joking alrite..i got the tickets already so how can waste is more like it..:)

Anyways thankfully Michelle and Alice decided way before hand to go spanish for dinner so we to Spanish Terrazas on Kent St...really quite nice and posh looking place (well compared to those places i go to lah obviously)...The food shown here is the seafood paella (basically is like risotto but the rice is a bit different) look at the huge seafood they put in it (so so hard to the end I didn't even bother with the lobster haha too lazy to get my hands dirty..I'm more than contented to stick with the mussels..mmmmmmm) before the paella we actually had the spanish tapas (to be exact we had 4 of those!!!) and yes I'm sorry I didn't take picture...we had the sausages (I really like it but Heidi thinks is a bit too salty), potatoes, chicken wings and GARLIC PRAWN (this is the best of the night..I just so love the garlic was like still sizzling when they served it and it was yummmmm...haha i can imagine how bad my breath was then..haha)...we even had the garlic yes we ordered a little bit too little because after that I was totally stuffed....

In summary, food was good, ambience was good, price not too bad lah if we didn't have a coupon it would have been about 24 bucks a head, but with the coupon we ended up paying 17 bucks a head...I SO LOVE ALL THIS DISCOUNT COUPONS!!! I am after all a bloody CHEAPSKATE!!!! :D

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