Saturday, June 3

Minus 5: Seriusly the coolest (temp wise) experience

Let's just say this trip is what I called a long overdue trip!!! Harmoni and I have been waiting to go to this place for a long time!!! It was just mainly waiting for achima to finish her thesis..but yeah the time came at last after weeks of waiting!!! So our experience was booked days ahead for 9pm on 2nd June :)

So as usual harmoni, achima and I were like freaking early..hehe it was actually due to the crazy weather of raining and freaking windy and cold that made us take the bus instead of walking (phewwww)...and yes we were already cold outside before we even went in to the bar!!! haha luckily we were asked to go in by the security guard outside (since we were really literally shivering outside in the cold waiting for the not so on time Kaka & Deasy and the FOREVER LATE EDWIN and his brother)..the good part about being invited in by the security guard was of course she forgot to check for ID which was like thank god since my dear harmoni forgot to bring any ID!! so pheww lucky lucky lucky...

In the end when everyone has gathered and pay we proceeded to change into warm clothings before entering...the jackets I have to admit are really so good because I was feeling so warm and cosy..hehe..was even given 2 pairs of glove each..which i just wore one since I had to take pictures (by the time 30 minutes was up my hands was freezing like hell!)..then we were given a short talk about the place like literally is suppose to be -5 degree but as I said they lied!! It was -7.5..hehe...we were only given 30 minutes in it before we have to get out..(we paid by the way 30 bucks to go in...with one cocktail meaning we are paying like a dollar a minute..)

When we entered the place was like shit!!! haha everything was made out of ice (yes I tried touching that with my only exposed face!!!!)..the statues, the chandellier, and even the tables and chairs!!!! it was like my god if someone wants to sabotage this place just turn up the temperature and everything will be gone!!! we then proceeded of course to take picture...hell if me going to be spending 1 dollar a minute I'm taking as many pics as I can..haha..then we got our cocktails...was called snowflake...presume is some fruit juice with vodka...mmmmm vodka....haha and guess what??they actually served it in glasses made out of freaking cool and quite yummy I have to say since it was so so so so so sweet...mmmmmmm

oops I forgot the part where edwin was introducing his brother.... once the word Alex (just because I like another Alex doesn't mean I like all Alex ok???!!!!) blurted out of his mouth I was like OH EAT SHIT!! I'm so DEAD!!! and how true it was I was then pushed again to take picture with a guy I do not know!!! exactly what happen last year with Edwin's other friend...I seriusly need to condemn all of Edwin's friends!!no insult Edwin but they are really just not my cup of tea!!!! so anyways I was as usual my sporting self so just took the pic which I OBVIOUSLY WOULD NOT PUT UP HERE!!!!!! just so that 1 minute of torture would leave me another 20 something minute to do other stuffs...haha :P

anyways after 30 minutes of freezing in there...well actually it wasn't that cold with the jacket but my toes were seriusly getting quite numb and pain (which was due to walking in the rain and my toes were already wet so going in to like a -5 place would obviously freeze it more!!!)...good advise for future visitor: next time insist on wearing their boots!! looks quite cool...haha.. so yes our experience only lasted 30 minutes...the question is whether it is worthwhile or not...hmmmm to me personally I think is alrite for a once in a lifetime visit...maybe bring other ppl if they are interested but going there again...nah don't can use that money to get more alcohol!!! haha

So after we got out we then proceeded with Kaka leading the way to the Belgian Beer Bar Cafe on Harrington St which was like a good 10 minutes walk away...and for what??!!! will update that part later....want to go stream movie now...(My Alex is in it..hehe)

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