Friday, June 23

Personal Dilemma Day

This week is seriusly beginning to turn out to be a very indecisive week...serius dilemma here..haha the first one is all by the way thanks to the extemely hiao J5GW who went and showed me the LG chocalate phone on ebay..(400-500 bucks ok) but ooh i so like the phone..haha these korean phones are so slick men...I LIKE!!!!!! so now seriusly thinking whether I should use the money for phone or for jersey...hmmmmmmm

Second dilemma was this morning when I was watching the world cup match between Australia and Croatia..I got bets for them to draw but deep inside me (more like the whole 90 god damn minutes) I was seriusly cursing Australia to lose!!!! haha I dun give a shit about my 5 bucks here liao (although with them drawing I got 18 bucks)...hai why can't I just make my bloody mind up...damn...

Now I'm seriusly feeling the effect of not sleeping...arghh 2 cups of coffee already with about 4 kopiko now..haha going to get serius caffeine effect when I shit later..muahahha (yes I just had to share that) sleepy...half dozing off in the stupid workshop just now I had to attend (on GMO like who gives a shit)..haha all I learn was BLEACH AND AUTOCLAVE..haha..although I was a bit like WTF to the stupid annoying fart in my lab who was in the same workshop...damn men she went to backside itchy go describe our project (and need I say mention my name there and pointed at me some more)...and worse part she went and describe our stuffs as no need approval when it does..hai..what else can i say????DAMN!

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