Monday, June 19

Tae Han Min Guk Aza Aza!!!!

As what my dear harmoni taught me... Tae Han Min Guk Aza Aza!!!! yeah I know Korea didn't win but atleast they drew with France right??!!!! Like men it was a bloody good achievement especially coming from Park Ji Sung the blurrest Korean player..not to mention he seriusly scored the blurrest goal of all..haha I was like men was it in or not??!!!

As you can see I'm still quite hyper right now..haha too much coffee men..been up the whole day watching football...started of with Japan vs Croatia (thank bloody god they drew..I was so worried for Japan..but they their goalkeeper is the bomb...saved a penalty!!)...then I watched Brazil vs Australia (muahahha Australia sucks!! Brazil also sucked but Australia sucked more..AND I SERIUSLY THINK RONALDO SHOULD JUST RETIRE!!!! bloody hell wasted all of Ronaldinho more support going for KAKA!! he is kinda cute!) and of course the last match Korea and France!!!! hai

So yes it was a nail biting nite for me and Heidi..we crazily stayed up late for it....we were betting on Korea to either win or draw..(both ways we get money!!!) and also wanted to watch Australia lose!!haha I even bet on Brazil to win (bloody hell almost gave me heart attack scored the goals so late!!Bloody Ronaldo!)..Korea was the worst I seriusly was so scared!!! arghhh no way France can win because that would mean I would lose my bet..and obviously I was cursing the coach for not putting in my "uncle" (Ahn Jung Hwan) to play..but once he got in at like 70 minute I knew Korea sure will score!!haha and it all happened with Park Ji Sung.. :) the pic up there is of both of them haha see how much I support them.....

After a seriusly tiring nite and morning not sleeping I still came into the lab becos I was suppose to have a lab meeting at 8.30...only to realize when I walked in at 8.20 there was an email from my supervisor at 8.10am to cancel the meeting!!DAMN I could have just sleep and come in later for the 12pm seminar..damn damn damn..hai just my luck!! nvm I'm having a large cup of coffee now...let's hope it will sustain me throughout the day or not JUST KILL ME!!!!

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