Thursday, June 29

Taiwanese Food @ Chinatown....

I'm telling you this week meals is just a bit too adventurous for my liking.... for eg the other day in Kam Fook we had the pig blood clot...and this time pig ears!!!! No insult to the pigs sacrificed for my meal but I really pity the pigs men...haha like every single part of its body seems to be edible...(not that delicious though)

The place we went to the name is "Jua Jia" according to J5GW who can't even translate it for me...YOU SUCK! haha....been wanting to go to this place for a while because J5GW said the side dishes there are very we went there after work on Tuesday with achima... the place by the way is really dodgy looking and super duper small..max 20 ppl can sit in at one go.. we had to wait like 15 minutes to get in but it wasn't too bad because they asked us to order while waiting and when we went in straight the food is there...haha...we got the rice with mince pork (not shown) and the rest was side dishes..haha yes we shared one bowl of rice among 3 ppl and ate all side dishes (and believe it or not we can't even finish!!!!too full) the side dish we had was the pan fried dumpling (absolutely yummy..I love dumpling....), then we had the fried tofu (which was really good..esp the sauce..yumm), then the pork knuckle (hey I wanted meat ok...then i realized that pork knuckles not much meat..hai), J5GW insisted on the pig ear (which is not too bad lah...full of cartilage so kinda hard), then the brinjal (I hate vege but this one was good..the sauce was super nice so overpower the brinjal 100%) and there was this jelly looking thing which was quite spicy so I didn't take (I had a sore throat lah any more spicy stuffs me just going to die die die)

Summary: Place was not too bad..actually been there before but never ordered the side dish (it is about $2.50 each)..I usually order their set meal (super cheap)...haha but the ice tea there is worth drinking...very nice and sweet...I LIKE

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